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Administrative Staff

Warren Moon - Executive Director

Warren Moon is the current Executive Director of Wilderness Awareness School and a member of the Board of Trustees. He began working with Wilderness Awareness School in 1995 as Youth Programs Director. He has since served as an instructor and administrator for all aspects of Wilderness Awareness School’s programs until becoming Executive Director in 2001. Warren has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and worked as an environmental engineer until he discovered that nature and mentoring were his true passions. His vision is to help restore people’s reverence for life so that we can be better stewards of ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Warren and his wife M’liss have two daughters Kylah and Cassidy, whose favorite day of the week is when they are in program at Wilderness Awareness School. Warren loves gardening, sports, playing guitar and enjoying the beauty of the Snoqualmie valley with his family and his dog, Sadie.

Erin Brookshire - Registrar

Erin Brookshire is our Registrar.  She has an amazing daughter named Jess who works as our Development Assistant and the most gorgeous grandson ever named William Bradley.   She and Jess have a dog named Lloyd, who you can often find around the office, as well as a bunny named Kiedis. Erin’s mom Cheyenne is her biggest inspiration and her true idol.  She is most at home standing beside the ocean with sand between her toes.  She has a mild obsession with Peter Pan and has been dubbed by some to be the “Wendy” of our office, mothering us on a daily basis. She believes passionately in the benefits that Wilderness Awareness School provides to our students, and feels extremely blessed to be a part of the WAS family.  Outside of work you can find her having movie nights with friends and family, playing guitar or playing in the sands of the West Coast.

Linda Bittle - Bookkeeper

Linda Bittle is a 2007 graduate of the Anake Outdoor School and a 2009 graduate of the advanced path in the Tracking Intensive. She scored a level 2 certification in Track and Sign through CyberTracker Conservation, and sometimes acts as a station guide at tracking club. She continues to work on a study of domestic dog tracks with the intention of creating a field guide. She teaches basic tracking classes at the Washington Outdoor Women’s annual weekend workshop.

From Missouri, she worked in a rural hospital for 25 years.  An avid reader, she volunteers on the Duvall Friends of the Library board. She enjoys shooting skeet, hunting, wildlife photography, scrap booking, needlework, basket making, baking, and creating herbal concoctions in her kitchen. She’s learning to knit socks. Linda shares her Duvall apartment with Clara, a former Missouri stray cat who made the trip west in the fall of 2006.

Emily Gibson - Kamana Program Coordinator

Emily has spent her life among the cedar trees and winter wrens of Western Washington, where her inner compass is set to orient by the Cascade Mountains to the East and Puget Sound to the West. She loves good literature, music, faraway cities, adventures, mischief, stinging nettle soup, big mud puddles, her daughter, and too many other things to list. Before coming to Wilderness Awareness School, Emily studied Wildlife Science at the University of Washington. She spent two years as a research assistant studying the effects of urbanization on songbird populations in the Puget Sound region.

After graduating from the Anake Outdoor School in 2005, Emily participated in the Instructor Training Apprenticeship and was an Apprentice Instructor with the Residential Program. She has also continued her study of tracking through two years of Wilderness Awareness School’s Wildlife Tracking Intensive. She is a team leader for the Cascade Wildlife Monitoring Project, and is certified as a Level II Track and Sign Specialist with CyberTracker International.  Emily is currently living in the beautiful Okanogan Lime Belt connecting to her new land.

Kyle Koch - Anake Outreach Specialist

My Name is Kyle Koch I was once a software engineer in Milwaukee, WI. I spent much of my free time adventuring in lands far away or disc golfing in the local forest around me. After graduating the Anake Outdoor School in 2012 I worked all of the summer camp programs WAS had to offer. I love to connect with child passions through playing chasing and sneaking games. I recently moved back to Northern WI where I worked in Wilderness Therapy and was really able to see the success of coyote mentoring, or passion-based-learning first hand. I really enjoy helping kids and adults connect with nature. My favorite hobbies are making primitive weapons and tools, trying to interpret bird language, and exploring the usefulness of plants.

Samuel Bowman - Summer Programs Coordinator

Samuel Bowman joined the WAS staff in 2012 after completing the Anake Outdoor School and Anake Leadership Program.  He grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Western Virginia on his families’ dairy farm.  From solo wanderings on the farm’s 600 acres to working on the farm with the family, Sam discovered a connection and respect for the land and all that are supported by it.

He spent many summers participating in, leading and directing summer camps.  From his home church camp in Virginia to a disability camp in Iowa.  Along the way learning and having a blast camping, rock climbing, canoing, horseback riding, white water rafting and whatever else campers were interested in doing.

Sam graduated from Bridgewater College with a degree in Philosophy and Religion.  While there he continued his exploration of the world by spending a semester in India and visiting Europe, the Middle East, Nigeria, and the Caribbean.   Always adding to his understanding of how others live and view the world.

Sam loves working with his hands.  He enjoys wood working and teaching classes of wheel thrown pottery and animal butchering.  He feels blessed to now be in a community where all of his passions and interests can be fed, used, and valued.

Mike Prince - Operations & Summer Programs Director

Mike Prince is a veteran instructor at Wilderness Awareness School and serves as Operations and Summer Programs Director.  Mike previously served as Anake Outdoor School Core Instructor, Lead Instructor of Community School & Wild Within, and Land Manager for Linne Doran for 5 years and is a dedicated keeper of the center fire.  As a Delaware native, Mike spent many years exploring the wilds of the Chesapeake Bay region and Mid-Atlantic coast. He earned a BA from University of Rochester in upstate NY. After teaching High School, directing a Boy Scout Camp, and directing at a YMCA Camp & Conference Center, Mike followed coyote west to join the Anake Outdoor School in 2004.  Mike is passionate about the art of mentoring teens and adults.  He dreams of creating a Wilderness Awareness Academy for teens that would blend nature and modern academic skills.  Mike is loves tracking wolves, swimming, sailing, eating tasty soul food, the skills & way of the native scout, Inipi, football, live music, bird alarms, stock investing and wildness.

Nate Summers - School Year Program Director

Nate Summers, M.Ac. has been with WAS since 1997. Nate’s journey with ancient living skills started as a teenager, and this exposure to stone-age living sparked a life-long interest in anthropology, hunter-gatherer lifestyles, and indigenous cultures. Nate has served as both Youth Programs Director, Adult Programs Director, and as a core instructor in most programs for WAS. He has also worked with King County Parks and the Seattle Parks Department.

Nate practices internal martial arts, Chinese Medicine, wildcrafts herbal medicine, and is the proud father of two daughters, Katie and Tara, 8 and 1 respectively. He holds a Master’s degree from NIAOM, and B.A.’s in both Anthropology and Asian Studies from the University of Illinois. He has served as faculty for the Desert Institute of Healing Arts, the Asian Institute of Medical Studies, and as adjunct faculty for Prescott College. Nate likes to fish, practice internal martial arts, go on adventures with his daughters, and gather wild foods and medicine.

Anake Outdoor School Staff

Marcus Reynerson - Anake Outdoor School Coordinator and Tracking Intensive Instructor

Marcus has lived close to the natural world throughout his life and some of his earliest memories include hunting and fishing in the muggy marshes and pine forests of south Louisiana and the gulf coast of south Texas. Thanks to a childhood of time spent outdoors, Marcus got an early start working in the environmental education field. After leading teens on backpacking trips and trail crews during college, and completing a semester with the National Outdoor Leadership School in 2000, he earned a degree in Environmental Studies from Miami University in Oxford, OH in 2002. Marcus went on to serve as a conservation programs director for Philmont Scout Ranch in Northern New Mexico and then as a lead naturalist at an outdoor education center in Southern California. He was drawn to Washington from Louisville, Kentucky, to attend the Anake Outdoor School in 2005. A year later, he served as an apprentice for the program before becoming an instructor in the fall of 2007. Marcus is also an Instructor with the Wildlife Tracking Intensive.  Watch a video bio of Marcus

In addition to working at Wilderness Awareness School, Marcus leads trips with the experiential education organization Way Leads To Way Student Expeditions. He is also certified as a Track and Sign Specialist through Cybertracker Conservation by scoring 100% on their internationally standardized evaluation process. On top of immersion in nature, Marcus enjoys playing guitar, traveling, backpacking, fishing, sitting around a fire with friends, life near the ocean, and tends to be fond of any music with a good twang.

Laura Gunion - Anake Outdoor School Instructor
Laura Gunion

Laura began her work for Wilderness Awareness School after attending our Anake Outdoor School 2001-02. After 16 years and many summers of working with children and teens, Laura is now committed to guiding adults. She is currently enrolled in a training program atAnimas Valley Institute that supports her deep longings to help evoke the expression of full human potential in individuals and in groups.  When not in Washington, she’s likely to be found either on the coast of Maryland with her family, in the mountains of Colorado, or the red-rock deserts of the Southwest. In her spare time, Laura enjoys sitting by the creek, sharing delicious meals with friends, wandering forest trails, contemplating untapped human potential, telemark skiing, concocting the perfect ice cream toppings, and exploring the infinite opportunities of simplifying and slowing down. Watch Laura’s video bio.

Richie Rivera-Booth - Anake Outdoor School Instructor

Richie was born and raised in Yelm, WA. Spending his summers camping in Weyerhauser with family and friends he developed a deep love for the forest. Working with youth at Camp Cispus during high school and college he realized his passion for working with kids. He has since dedicated his life to reconnecting with nature, community and self. He is deeply committed to helping both kids and adults to find their passions by sharing his with them.

Since coming to the school in 2007 he has completed the Anake Outdoor School, the Apprenticeship Program, the Tracking Intensive, and a number of other programs. Over the past three years on staff he has worked at Roots and Wings, Coyotes, Community School, and Wild Within. He is now excited to bring his gifts and passions to the adults as a core Anake Outdoors School instructor.
Things that keep Richie active are going out trailing animals, practicing archery, learning about bird language, making his own sour dough bread, deer bone broth, kombucha, yogurt, kefir, and other kitchen projects, making moccasins, spending time with friends, family, and his beautiful wife Natalie and their new daughter Ruby.

Youth Programs Staff

Sol Marie Doran - Lead Youth Programs Instructor

Sol Marie Doran has been working with children since 1995 and has been mentoring with the Wilderness Awareness School methodology since 2002. She came to the school in 2004 from CA, where she worked with Wilderness Youth Project, ran an early childhood outdoor program, and earned a B.S. in Ecology. She is finishing her last Kamana Naturalist Training Program field pack, is a 2-time Tracking Intensive graduate, and has trained in herbalism at Ravencroft. Since 2008, she has been mentored by Kim Scanlon and Francis Weller on various arts, including modern cultural development, leadership, and emotions. She has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Somatic Psychology and is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Sol has been in various forms of movement training since age 2 and enjoys yoga, ethnic dance, and Crossfit.

Andy Franjevic - Land Manager and Youth Programs Instructor

Andy grew up in Ohio, where he spent his summer weekends at his grandparent’s cabin by the lake.  He caught frogs and turtles with his brother and sisters and went fishing with his grandpa.  Later, he worked at a state park in Ohio for a couple of years as the Park Naturalist, where he was able to share his passion for nature with visitors and explore the park day and night.  In 2004, Andy moved to Washington to attend Wilderness Awareness School’s Anake Outdoor School.  Since then he has completed his Bachelor’s degree at the Evergreen State College with a project of exploring history and researching his ancestors.  He is particularly passionate about planting trees to create diverse landscapes, which makes his position as Land Steward quite enjoyable.  He also thoroughly enjoys tracking, trailing and watching birds, especially in the company of children.  He is madly in love with his wife Shari and daughter Samara.

Matt McKinney – Youth Programs Instructor

Matt McKinney has been working with Wilderness Awareness as mentor and student since arriving in Washington in 2009. His heartfelt passion for regenerating vitality in culture extends into all areas of his life. Matt is a student of Chinese internal arts, music and storytelling, and wilderness survival and connection practices. He has a natural gift for facilitating rites of passage and community circles. It is Matt’s greatest commitment to be a mentor for others and to help guide and facilitate experiences that point towards health and connection. He has spent time working at various outdoor schools in the Western Washington areas developing his craft as a facilitator. He enjoys building, gardening, tracking and wandering in the wild lands, writing poems, working with plants, making joyous rhythms and song, practicing martial arts, and engaging with the elements in his local area.

Michelle Van Naerssen – Youth Programs Instructor
Michelle loves her work!  Since 2001, she’s taught people of all ages on land and at sea, helping to deepen a sense of home in self, community and the natural world.  She brings over 5 years of experience as an 8 Shields mentor (WAS’s methodology) at schools around the country, including the Wilderness Awareness School, White Pine Programs (ME), Primitive Pursuits (NY), Vermont Wilderness School (VT), and Earth Native Wilderness School (TX).
Michelle brings compassion and respect for the many seasons of human development from her work as a birth assistant, hospice support, developing youth rites of passage and somatic therapy studies.  She has worked in the marine and building trades, and loves to make anything with her hands.

Michelle holds a degree from Wesleyan University, studying Human Ecology, and has contributed to research on wolves, eels, and an array of oceanographic sciences.  She is an Anake and ALP graduate.  She is CyberTracker Level III Track & Sign certified and has studied under many wildlife tracking experts around the country.  She is a Wilderness First Responder, and has studied plant medicine for many years.

Outside of WAS, Michelle worked with the OR-7 Wolf Expedition  ( as the Logistics, Equipment and Volunteer Coordinator; co-leads Vermont Wilderness School’s Lynx Tracking Expedition; and is learning to subsistence fish.

She enjoys lighting things on fire, tai chi, and is addicted to imitating bird calls.

Kim Shelton – Youth Programs Instructor

Kim grew up as a Military ‘brat’ in both North Yorkshire England and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Reservation in Northern Minnesota where her family is from, travelling back and forth seasonally. As a child she regularly travelled from England through many European countries, the Middle East and the Mediterranean.  Despite experiencing such diversity, her true love has always been the grounded timelessness spent in the natural world; wandering the Yorkshire Moors or fishing in a canoe to the loon calls on a vast lake.

After moving back to the states she finally found her roots here in Washington with the cedars and moss as an Anake Outdoor School Student.  After graduating in 2011 she served as an Apprentice with the Youth programs, where she discovered her passion for mentoring teens.

Kim has graduated the Survival Mastery Intensive, the Wildlife Tracking Intensive with a Level III CyberTracker certification, and has completed a 21 day no supplies survival challenge in Costa Rica – filmed and aired asNaked & Afraid on the Discovery Channel. She recently took a year to write her grandfathers life story, one of her highest accomplishments.  Her loves include basketry, getting very close to wild animals, hide tanning, tracking wolves, story telling, and inspiring others to also find their passions.

Quinn Bailey

Quinn is a 2013 graduate of Wilderness Awareness School’s Anake Outdoor School and 2014 graduate of the Anake Leadership Program. A Washington native, he grew up exploring the cedar groves and salty shores of Orcas Island. As an adult, Quinn loves wildlife tracking, bird watching (and listening), sleeping outside, live music, bike trips, and has a particular passion for the sacred hunt and helping others explore the important relationship that humans have to the plants and animals that provide them with the food we need to survive.

Adult Programs Staff

Alexia Allen
Alexia Allen

Alexia Allen has been writing Kamana responses for eleven years. She is a former Anake Outdoor School instructor, Anake Class of 2002 graduate, and a graduate of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program. Alexia also serves as a staff specialist for Wilderness Awareness School’s adult programs, especially around the bird curriculum of the school. Her small farm is part of an effort to reclaim suburbia.  In her spare time she rides horses, spins yarn, plays the accordion, and cooks for people she loves.  She continues to go to her sit spot.

Dan Corcoran
Dan Corcoran

Dan Corcoran is the Survival Skills Specialist for the Anake Outdoor School. His passions include flintknapping, hidetanning, bowmaking and various other survival skills. Dan Corcoran is an Anake graduate of the class of 2003. He has worked with Wilderness Awareness School in many different roles over the last 10 years and currently runs Dan is a Kamana graduate and a Wilderness First Responder, as well as a hunter and a member of King County Search and Rescue.

Lindsay Huettman
Lindsay Heuttman

Lindsay Huettman loves being a part of the Wilderness Awareness School team as an Anake Outdoor School Specialist. Her primary passion is connecting humans to wilderness through the use of primitive skills as a vehicle to inner awareness and enlightenment. This inspired her to complete a degree at WWU in Ethnobotany Stewardship Education. Lindsay love native plants of the Pacific Northwest. She can show you how to eat Hemlock cambium while discussing its nutritional benefits; as well as teach you how to make baskets out of Cedar roots and dye them with lichens! Other passions include leading wilderness survival, whitewater expeditions; writing and playing music, wilderness medicine, rites of passage and initiation work. She has a background in organic farming, landscaping, horse packing & training. Lindsay is pursuing a MA in psychology in the spring of 2013 to combine her experience as a wilderness guide with transformational practices to support self realization and growth. Watch Lindsay’s video bio

Mark Kang-O’Higgins – Tracking Intensive Coordinator

Mark Kang-O’Higgins attended the Tracking Intensive course at the Wilderness Awareness School in 2008. Over the last 5 years, he has been a teaching assistant, assistant instructor, and is now the coordinator of the program. Mark also is a guest instructor with the Anake Outdoor School where he teaches about the art of seeing, drawing, and perspective in relation to wildlife tracking.

Mark has a Master’s degree in Environmental Sociology and Politics from the National University of Ireland Galway as well as an MFA from the New York Academy of Art and runs the Atelier Program at the Gage Academy of Art. He also works as a professional artist, and has come to see how the perspectives of both the naturalist/tracker and the artist have so much to offer in tandem. Check out his work at


David Moskowitz - Tracking Intensive Instructor
David Moskowitz

David Moskowitz is an Instructor with the Tracking Intensive and a project manager for the Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project. He joined Wilderness Awareness School in 2005, bringing with him over a decade of experience teaching outdoor  and environmental education throughout the United States including at  Outward Bound and the North Cascades Institute. He is the author of the books Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest and Wolves in the Land of Salmon.

David is a skilled field researcher and has been involved with forest carnivore research and wildlife monitoring in the Cascades for many years as well as avian research in the Puget Sound area. He holds a  bachelors degree in Environmental Studies through Prescott College with  an emphasis on Field Ecology and Wildlife Tracking. Along with tracking wild animals, Dave is also passionate about mountaineering, environmental activism and photography. Check out David’s photography and learn more about his other projects at

Board of Trustees

Tony Laliberte - President & Treasurer
Tony Laliberte

Tony Laliberte is retired from Ernst & Young where he was a member of the Management Committee and Firm Vice-Chairman. During the course of his career at Ernst & Young, Tony was: responsible the Firm’s National Audit Practice and its National Planning and Research and Development functions; managed its Northern California and Seattle Offices; and coordinated all services provided to clients such as Apple Computers, Genentech, Intel and Sun Microsystems.

Tony currently serves on the Advisory Board for the University of Washington’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is a member of the Social Venture Partners Board of Directors, and is Treasurer for the Board of Trustees of Wilderness Awareness School.

At the University of Washington, Foster School of Business, Tony has served on the Advisory Board and taught graduate level International Accounting. He is a past Member Of Council of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a past President of the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Tony is an attorney, having earned a JD from The University of Chicago, and a BA in English Literature from Saint Mary’s College in California.

Tony’s support of Wilderness Awareness School is inspired by their ability to impact a larger audience and connect greater numbers of children with nature. Tony and his wife, Margaret, live in Clyde Hill, Washington, and have two grown sons and four grandchildren.

Kristen Bauer - Vice President

Kristen is currently the Senior Managing Director for Threshold Group, a wealth management firm working with forward thinking families and foundations. She partners with families passionate about preserving their legacies and supporting their communities to make this world a better place to live.  She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS).

Kristen has been passionate about children, communities and connecting to the environment since her early 20’s when she first took a Tom Brown course in New Jersey.  Since then, she has been involved with several initiatives focused on raising healthy children who are connected to the environment.  First, as a summer instructor at a Native American based camp in Indiana and most recently as the President of the non-profit board of Treeswing.  She originally came in contact with the Wilderness Awareness School when it first came to Seattle in the mid 90’s and was a student of several courses led by Jon Young.  She recently became reacquainted with the organization and is excited to leverage her past experiences in helping further the mission and vision of WAS.

Andy Held
Andy Held

Andy Held left a 20-year career in the high-tech industry in 1999 to start his own business, have more time in the natural world, and do more in his community. Andy has used the ensuing decade to serve on the boards of several environmental nonprofits, to attend and to volunteer at Wilderness Awareness School programs, and to have amazing adventures on rivers and in the woods.

In 2010, Andy joined the Board of Trustees of Wilderness Awareness School. He is dedicated to helping children to fulfill their potential, and believes that one of the greatest gifts a child can receive is a deep connection with the natural world. Andy and his wife have two daughters. They live in Kirkland, Washington.

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Luis Glass - Secretary

Luis is a systems engineer with over 19 years of experience in wireless networking in the areas of radio access performance, optimization and analytics. Luis has built and managed engineering teams, led multi-million dollar deployment and optimization programs, and consulted for various teams in engineering, marketing, and customer care. Luis is currently focused on application aware subscriber analytics, and policies for efficient traffic management.

Luis is passionate about connecting children to the natural world, and has completed several Wilderness Awareness School workshops and classes, including NatureSkills, Coyote Mentoring, Survival Walkabout, Wolf Tracking, and Art of Mentoring. His son participates in Summer Camps and school year Monthly programs. Luis lives in Kirkland, Washington with his son, and they enjoy backpacking and traveling to natural places.

Dan Webber
Dan profile picLighter

Dan Webber is a Senior Manager working in financial services. He has a Masters degree in Finance from the University of Florida, and has since held roles in corporate finance, risk management, and marketing analytics. He spent most of his life on the east coast, growing up in Florida and later spending time in Virginia and New York before moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2014.

He has a passion for the outdoors, spending much of his free time hiking, biking, or on the water whenever possible. He first experienced WAS through the Wilderness Walkabout, and later joined the board and the finance committee in 2014 to make a difference and support outdoors education of students of all ages.

Warren Moon - Executive Director

Warren Moon is the current Executive Director of Wilderness Awareness School and a member of the Board of Trustees. He began working with Wilderness Awareness School in 1995 as Youth Programs Director. He has since served as an instructor and administrator for all aspects of Wilderness Awareness School’s programs until becoming Executive Director in 2001. Warren has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and worked as an environmental engineer until he discovered that nature and mentoring were his true passions. His vision is to help restore people’s reverence for life so that we can be better stewards of ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Warren and his wife M’liss have two daughters Kylah and Cassidy, whose favorite day of the week is when they are in program at Wilderness Awareness School. Warren loves gardening, sports, playing guitar and enjoying the beauty of the Snoqualmie valley with his family and his dog, Sadie.

Ann Muno
Ann Muno

Ann Muno, MSW, works as the Senior Program Analyst & Advocate at Powerful Voices, an organization she co-founded 15 years ago. There she supports policy, advocacy and training in the area of gender specific services.   Ann also serves as the Project Director for the Justice for Girls Coalition of Washington State. She is a graduate of both the University of Illinois and the MSW Program at the University of Washington.

Ann has recently enjoyed working on the state-level Beyond Pink! conference, participating in a writing fellowship and writing about the girl justice movement.

Ann also enjoys spending time with her partner Kevin and their five children.  In fact, hiking in and around Washington is a favorite pasttime and led to the discovery of WAS.  As a board member, she was thrilled to join WAS’ efforts.

Chris Springate
Chris Springate

Chris Springate is a seasoned preclinical and early-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company leader with over 17 years of experience in the research and development of drugs, medical devices and combination products. Chris is the CEO of, and serves on the Board of, ARC Medical Devices Incorporated, the developer of PERIDAN™ Concentrate for the reduction of post-surgical adhesions in horses. Prior to co-founding ARC, Chris participated in the development of several product candidates at Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc., including the FDA approved Taxus® Stent.

Chris has built management teams, including corporate, scientific and clinical boards; and coordinated the raising of approximately 9 million dollars through equity financings, grants and tax credits. He has capably prosecuted intellectual property, resulting in the issuance of patents and trademarks; and has successfully negotiated collaborative research, license and distribution agreements. Chris obtained a PhD (Pharm) from The University of British Columbia and is a Licensed Pharmacist.

Chris’s personal mission includes the training of mentors to help people connect with nature. He has completed the Wilderness Awareness School’s Coyote Mentoring workshop and the Kamana One naturalist course, and is currently participating in the Kamana Two course. He has also completed a Remote Wilderness First Aid course.

Chris, his wife and his children enjoy connecting with nature together at their family sit spot in the rainforest of southwestern British Columbia.

Howard Morin

Howard Morin is the CEO of Conover Capital Management in Bellevue, Washington. Howard has 20 years of financial services experience and began his career consulting to some of the largest brokerage firms in South Florida. Previously, he managed the institutional trader business at The TradeStation Group. His success was recognized by Intel Corporation who relocated him to the Pacific Northwest where he was named Managing Director of Global Financial Services. At Intel, Howard was responsible for implementing technology at some of the largest financial institutions in the world. After seven years at Intel he returned to Wall Street, joining Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) as a private financial advisor. Howard is also a 2013 & 2014 5 Star Wealth Manager award winner by Seattle Magazine. With a deep passion for all things outdoors, Howard spends as much time as possible in the woods and hiking with his wife, son & daughter.

Elders Council

Ed Harkins
Ed Harkins

Ed is the oldest of 6 siblings, the father of 4 and the grandfather of 9. He started attending the Monday night Nature Talks in Redmond, but it was at the Art of Mentoring in August of 1997 that he realized the impact Jon Young was having and volunteered to serve on the school’s board. Ed served on the Board of Directors for 8 yeas while also attending every adult program offered; from the Anake Outdoor School to Tracking clubs, visiting speakers and overnight camping adventures.  Ed is a member of the Elder’s Council and the Inipi Society as well as a college graduate with BS and MA degrees. Community development and mentoring are his passions.

Jenn Wolfe
Jenn Wolfe

Jenn Wolfe has trained with Jon Young and Wilderness Awareness School since 1994 in the Arts of Animal Tracking, Mentoring and Naturalist Training Skills. She also completed a 9-month Animal Tracking Apprenticeship program in California, with Jon Young and Mark Elbroch. Jenn has been Lead Instructor for many years on Adult Expeditions, tracking animals in the wilds of Idaho’s backcountry as well as working with adults locally through Tracking Club, tracking intensives and other adult programs in the Puget Sound Area. As a “free range child” living in many different rural environments, Jenn had unlimited access to the woods and fields of her various backyards. Her Dad led her and her five siblings on many adventures into the wilds, while her Mom grounded her to the earth, through gardens and family. As an adult, Jenn became a public school teacher with a BA in Education and a BFA in Art. Finding Wilderness Awareness School brought her “Home” with a much deeper experience of the natural world. Along with her love for tracking and the natural world, Jenn also loves to create works of art and play with her grandchildren.

Don Taves
Don Taves

On a farm in Idaho, Don played outside from ages 9 to 15, getting pretty good at shooting a bow and arrow from a horse and making fire by friction, just from reading and learning on his own. When The Tracker by Tom Brown Jr. came out, he was really taken by it, yet was unable to pursue that interest much until years later, after he scaled back his psychiatry practice in Mount Vernon, and moved to Redmond. Checking out Tom Brown Jr. on the internet, Don discovered that there was a much closer place than New Jersey to pursue that interest, namely our school in Duvall started by Tom’s first student, Jon Young. Don found the community he wanted when he heard the Thanksgiving address at one of our Monday Night Meetings. He was deeply impressed with how the “Acorn” (the facilitating team) for those meetings operated. Don says he could not figure out who was in charge at the meeting, but it worked seamlessly. From there, he continued to get more involved with Wilderness Awareness School and its programs, eventually becoming one of our beloved Elders.

Walt Hoesel
Walt Hoesel

After 40+ years as a high school teacher and administrator — a span which included a variety of out of door experiences with high school-age youth — Walt briefly joined Wilderness Awareness School staff in 1999. His work began as an assistant instructor in Community School and as a member of what was then called the Central Fire Protectors Acorn. Soon thereafter a formal Elders Council was convened, and Walt became one of the original members, continuing to serve through the present. He serves to sanction and advise programs, tells Native stories on (frequent!) request, and teaches native drum making to all ages of students enrolled at the school. He has been trained in the traditions, ceremonies and cosmology of the Lakota people, and is pleased to share this cultural background. Walt says simply that Wilderness Awareness School offers the most educative experiences he has witnessed during his entire career.

Bobbe Branch
Bobbe Branch

Bobbe Branch began her connection to Wilderness Awareness School when she enrolled her son in the first Community School in 1996, after sending him on one of our Teen Expeditions to Mt. Rainier. She has been a supporter of our Core Values and Programs since those beginning days. “Our family’s life was enriched by our connection to the school immediately. Now the next generation is continuing this legacy of learning about nature: One grandson is enrolled in Youth School and the other will be in Roots and Wings, as he turns four very soon.” Bobbe was one of the first to organize dinners and auctions to bring more funds to support our programs. She was a member of the Board of Trustees for many years, and then was asked to join the Elders Council, where she continues to volunteer, enjoying the many times when she is asked to listen to the children’s stories and explore the land with them.

Bobbe has attended the Art of Mentoring, Coyote Mentoring and workshops with Jake Swamp and Gilbert Walking Bull, and also has been involved in the Inipi Society. Her background includes being a Certified Montessori Teacher, singer/songwriter, and, over the last ten years, a Life Coach and Facilitator. Bobbe office door is always open to talk with students and staff.  ” It is a gift to connect with the natural world around us, wherever we are, and I want to assist however I can to help make this possible now and for the future generations.”

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Pam Hawes
Pam Hawes

Pam Hawes serendipitously found our school when Jon Young gave his first Monday Night class in 1995. Having always loved being outside, she found the words that Jon spoke resounding in her heart and soul. Since then, Pam has completed most of the classes that Wilderness Awareness School offers, including finishing the Kamana Naturalist Training Program in 2006 and participating in the first several years of Tracking Intensives. These studies have opened up a whole new world for her, and she definitely sees the environment with different eyes, ears and senses.

Seeing the damage to our human family when it is separated from its natural home, Pam would love all children to be exposed to these universal teachings. She is keen to support the school in whatever ways she can.

Chuck Newquist
Chuck Newquist

Chuck Newquist has been involved with Wilderness Awareness School since the mid 1990s, as a parent, student, volunteer and board member. His son Erik graduated from our Community School program in 2001, and Chuck was deeply inspired by seeing Erik appreciate and benefit from his Wilderness Awareness School experience. Chuck works as an engineer at Boeing, as a member of their Technical Fellowship program.

Chuck has a PhD in Ceramic Engineering from the University of Washington and has been an adjunct professor for Central Washington University. He is currently developing Sunbreak Solar, a small business dedicated to making renewable energy a part of everyday life.

As a boy, Chuck spent summers exploring the forests around Mount Baker, where his father worked the summer months for the Forest Service. Chuck believes that all children and adults need time in nature, and supports the Wilderness Awareness School mission of fostering connections with the natural world.

Ellen Haas

Ellen Haas is co-author with Jon Young and Evan McGown of Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature: For Kids of all Ages and their Mentors and is developing a golden guide and KidCards to support its use. Retired from a 20-year career teaching English, Ellen contributed to many of Wilderness Awareness School’s initial projects in Washington — including its first long-range plan and program catalog, early editions of Kamana, and the Seeing Through Native Eyes and The Art of Mentoring audio recordings. She has been a member of our board and staff and currently serves on our Elder Council. She loves simply being outdoors and passionately believes we need to turn our cultural tide and get everyone back out there.