Volunteering Opportunities

Environmental volunteer opportunities
The excited expressions on the faces of the children brought it all home for me. I would wholeheartedly recommend volunteering to those who wish to help instill a lifelong passion for nature in kids, while feeling truly connected with caring and dedicated adults.
-Stephanie Etley, summer camp volunteer

Wilderness Awareness School currently has many exciting volunteer opportunities for friends of all ages and skill levels. 
With the help of volunteers like you we can help promote an understanding and appreciation of nature, community and self.

Summer Camp Volunteers act as assistant instructors for our summer camps and receive training in youth mentoring. These volunteers get to choose at least 2 weeks in the summer to come to camp and support our instructors leading and playing games and activities. Other perks may also be included.

Find out more & Apply to volunteer at our Summer Camps!

Aloha Volunteers bring in the spirit of welcome, beauty, and celebration. They support our programs and office with flowers, snacks, and decorative touches at celebrations. email Erin Brookshire using our contact form.

Parent Volunteers serve as committed year-long liaisons for each of our six year-long Youth Programs, work as a team to recruit parents for Office, Fundraising, and Marketing efforts, run the parent Yahoo group, and update the program Bulletin Board. email Erin Brookshire using our contact form.

Fundraising Volunteers help plan and support fundraising efforts like the annual Auction, selling Chinook Books, selling PCC grocery card scrip, coordinating the winter Homemade Holiday Bazaar, Bake Sale, and spring Car Washes. email Erin Brookshire using our contact form.

Marketing Volunteers help design and distribute flyers, host booth events, and support outreach efforts. email John Chilkotowsky using our contact form.

Office Volunteers support our office and programs through joining mailing parties, packing up holiday product orders, care-taking the office, and coordinating Lost and Found. email Erin Brookshire using our contact form.

Land Volunteers help clear trails, haul wood, and care-take our property. email Andy Franjevic using our contact form.

Program Volunteers serve on acorns for weeklong intensives, Monday Night programs, tracking Club programs. Occasionally, volunteers may supplement Apprentices in Youth Intensive and Monthly programs. email Erin Brookshire using our contact form..

volunteering at the landWildlife Monitoring Volunteers track mammals in the Cascades to monitor their activity, especially during winter. email Dave Moskowitz using our contact form.

Board of Directors members and Elders are also volunteers. If you are interested in serving, please email Warren Moon using our contact form.

Giving Opportunities:
With our low student-to-teacher ratios and phenomenal instructors, the cost of our tuition does not fully cover program costs. Please respond generously to our periodic appeals. If you are able, give a gift of support now.

For more information or questions about our volunteer opportunities, please email Samuel Bowman or call him: 425-788-1301 x39.