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Why Should You Visit Anake Outdoor School?

Between our information packet, videos and conversations with us by phone and e-mail, you will likely get  a fairly good idea of your interest in Anake Outdoor School. However, there is really nothing like an in person visit to get a feel for this place, the people, and the class itself. Enrolling in the Anake program is a significant commitment of time and resources, and we are here to help you determine whether this course is the right match for you – something that we think you will feel in your gut as much as know in your head!

So, come spend a day with us! Work with our students to make fire without matches or a lighter. Harvest wild edible plants from the local fields and forest. Follow the tracks of a deer or coyote along the local rivers. And, perhaps most importantly, meet the instructors and talk with our current students and apprentices about their experiences in the program!

Upcoming Visit Days

Depending on the specific day that you sign up for, you will meet at our office in Duvall at 8:15 or at one of our local field locations as early as 7:45. Class will last until 3:00. At which time you will be returned to the day’s meeting location.

  • March 26th, 2014 (Wednesday) – Fire Day
    An in-depth look at making primitive fire. We will focus on more advanced techniques such as hand drill, pump drill and others. We will also, be showing how to gather materials from the land, including natural cordage for bow strings.
  • April 9th, 2014 (Wednesday) –  Ecological Tracking It’s an awesome thing to see wildlife close-up, and so much of seeing animals is knowing where to find them. Ecological tracking teaches us this and much more..Join us and learn to find the animals that could be living nearer to you than you think!
  • April 30th, 2014 (Wednesday) –  Nature Mentoring Our unique nature education model and mentoring techniques create an Invisible School that combines the best of native wisdom and modern science. Using universal children’s interests and passions to engage them in practicing Core Routines of Nature Awareness, mentors improvise with Storytelling, the Art of Questioning, and a limitless bundle of games, activities, and challenges.
  • May 7th, 2014 (Wednesday) – Spring Wild Edibles The greens are coming up and we have a full day dedicated to the lush and delicious plants in the Pacific Northwest, join us and learn about what you can eat and some ways of preparing these tasty plants!
  • Don’t see a date that works for you? Please contact Kyle Koch, our Anake Outreach Specialist – kylek [at] wildernessawareness [dot] org, to find out about other visit day opportunities.
To sign up, fill out the form below or call our Anake Outreach department at 425-681-2612. More details will be provided upon registration.

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