Obsidian Flintknapping

Art of Flintknapping Weekend

Did you know that a flintknapped stone blade can be hundreds of times sharper than a surgical steel scalpel? Have you ever found an arrowhead and been amazed that someone actually made this many years ago? Breaking rocks in a controlled way to make tools has been an integral part of human history. The Art of Flinknapping weekend will teach you how to tap into this ancient skill.

In this class you will start with the basics and then will make arrowheads and other functional stone tools using obsidian – a volcanic glass used for thousands of years to make cutting tools.

You will leave the weekend with the basic knowledge of flintknapping, and several functional stone tools! Learn:

  • How to select the right material
  • Percusssion and pressure-flaking techniques
  • Notching and hafting (attaching stone to wood/bone)
  • Putting it all together into real tools you can make and use!

Course Registration Details

Registration Closed When? March 29 - 30, 2014 @ 9am-5pm Saturday-9am-4pm Sunday
Where? Our land in the foothills of the Cascades near Duvall, WA
Who? Ages 18+ How much? $195
Free camping available.

Meet Your Instructors

Dan Corcoran

Dan Corcoran

Dan Corcoran is the Survival Skills Specialist for the Anake Outdoor School. His passions include flintknapping, hidetanning, bowmaking and various other survival skills. Dan Corcoran is an Anake graduate of the class of 2003. He has worked with Wilderness Awareness School in many different roles over the last 10 years and currently runs survivalmastery.com. Dan is a Kamana graduate and a Wilderness First Responder, as well as a hunter and a member of King County Search and Rescue.