Nature Preschool – Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings - learning to feel at home in nature...Founded in 2004, our Roots and Wings outdoor nature preschool allows children ages 4-6 to have fun and explore the natural world around them through nature activities for kids, such as songs, stories and walks, and by observing plants and animals with all of their senses.

As with all Wilderness Awareness Youth Courses, enrollment in our nature preschool is limited to ensure individual attention and mentoring opportunities for each child.

Roots and Wings Nature Preschool is committed to planting seeds for children’s growth and connection with nature; safely, with confidence and fun.

Activities and Focus

  • Circle time with songs and stories
  • Nature walks
  • Familiarity with the four directions
  • Nature awareness games
  • Nature activities for kids
  • Safety in nature
  • Plant and animal awareness
  • Sensory awareness
  • Nature skills

Course Registration Details

Register Now When? September to June @ 10 am-2 pm Fridays
Where? Our land in the foothills of the Cascades near Duvall, WA
Who? Ages 4-6 How much? 2,250

2015-16 Nature Preschool Information

Course Registration For more information about course registration or to apply, please call our office: 425-788-1301

Class Meets Fridays; 10 am - 2 pm; Linne Doran, Duvall*. (*We are 15 min. from Woodinville, WA; 20 min. from Redmond, WA; 30 min. from Bellevue, WA; and 50 min. from Seattle, WA).

Classes start September 2015

Classes end May 2016

Enrollment is open to current students on April 1. Enrollment is open to new students on April 15.



Quarterly Payments**         $2,250.00
Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $562.50 due upon registration.
3 Payments of $562.50 (August 15, November 15, February 15)
Must enroll in automatic payments
**$100.00 discount if paid in full by September 1st.


Monthly Payments    $2,350.00
Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $562.50 due upon registration.
10 Payments of $178.75 (August 15 -May 15)
Must enroll in automatic payments

If you require tuition assistance, we invite you to apply online for a scholarship. For more information, go here.

Tuition Assistance: Your homeschooled child (age 5+) can receive valuable tuition assistance that can be applied toward costs at Roots and Wings! More details

Our Educational Philosophy

Roots and Wings - exploring the natural worldAt the core of our approach to educating young people is our concept of "Passion-based learning." This is the idea that every one of us has special gifts to bring to the world, things that spark our passions in life.

Our school's fundamental goal is to awaken this spirit in our students, and to help them identify and pursue their gifts. We believe that the most effective learning happens when young people are pursuing what they love, and so truly desire to learn.

Equally important is our philosophy that the most effective learning happens when students figure things out "on their own."

In their efforts to do this, they are individually guided by mentors who strive to create experiences and opportunities for students to discover their own answers.

We call this method Coyote Mentoring, a technique that encourages creative thinking rather than providing answers, and results in much deeper learning. It also stimulates the growth of problem-solving skills, and stretches the students into greater self-sufficiency in their living and learning.

Meet Your Instructors

Sol Marie Doran


Sol Marie Doran has been working with children since 1995 and has been mentoring with the Wilderness Awareness School methodology since 2002. She came to the school in 2004 from CA, where she worked with Wilderness Youth Project, ran an early childhood outdoor program, and earned a B.S. in Ecology. She is finishing her last Kamana Naturalist Training Program field pack, is a 2-time Tracking Intensive graduate, and has trained in herbalism at Ravencroft. Since 2008, she has been mentored by Kim Scanlon and Francis Weller on various arts, including modern cultural development, leadership, and emotions. She has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Somatic Psychology and is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Sol has been in various forms of movement training since age 2 and enjoys yoga, ethnic dance, and Crossfit.