Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Course

Wild native plants are all around us – even in dense urban areas. And everywhere that wild native plants live is an opportunity to find food, medicine and connection with nature.

Join us at the Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Course and in one weekend you will learn:

  • How to properly identify plants
  • How to safely gather plants for food
  • How to prepare plant medicines
  • How to form deep connection with the land via plant harvesting

Get ready to enter the world of wild plants and come home with experience, knowledge and even your own salve and tincture that you’ve made from local native plants!


Course Registration Details

Registration Closed When? August 16 - 17, 2014 @ 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Where? Our land in the foothills of the Cascades near Duvall, WA
Who? Ages 18+ How much? $195
No food provided - except what you forage!
Prerequisites: None

Meet Your Instructors

Lindsay Huettman

Lindsay Heuttman

Lindsay Huettman loves being a part of the Wilderness Awareness School team as an Anake Outdoor School Specialist. Her primary passion is connecting humans to wilderness through the use of primitive skills as a vehicle to inner awareness and enlightenment. This inspired her to complete a degree at WWU in Ethnobotany Stewardship Education. Lindsay love native plants of the Pacific Northwest. She can show you how to eat Hemlock cambium while discussing its nutritional benefits; as well as teach you how to make baskets out of Cedar roots and dye them with lichens! Other passions include leading wilderness survival, whitewater expeditions; writing and playing music, wilderness medicine, rites of passage and initiation work. She has a background in organic farming, landscaping, horse packing & training. Lindsay is pursuing a MA in psychology in the spring of 2013 to combine her experience as a wilderness guide with transformational practices to support self realization and growth. Watch Lindsay’s video bio