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Dear Friend of Wilderness Awareness School,

When I need to get centered and peaceful, I go to my sit spot along the Tolt River. I begin by observing and listening to what’s happening around me and then expressing my gratitude. Today it was for the pair of Ospreys flying down the river, for the rabbit whose tracks I saw in the sand, and for the Cottonwoods whose new spring leaves flashed in the soft breeze and bright sunlight.

I also spend extra time on my gratitude for all the wonderful people in my life — for my family and friends, for the amazing staff and volunteers at Wilderness Awareness School, and for all of you whose generosity enables so many kids to have wonderful adventures in nature.

Your continued support during our spring Get Outside campaign can give more kids a sense of wonder and gratitude for our amazing and beautiful world.


Gratitude is one of our school’s most important core values and core routines.

We start meetings with a chance for everyone to express something for which they are thankful. Out in the wild with students, we continually find opportunities to pause and express gratitude.
Recent research reveals that a daily dose of gratitude encourages health, happiness and vibrancy. Research also shows that time outside is essential to balance our high-tech lives, and to foster health, growth and wellbeing.

Nature connection combined with gratitude is a powerful health tonic for our children.

Today’s kids need this tonic more than ever. In a recent survey of 8th graders in my school district, 1 out of every 10 students had made a plan about how to attempt suicide — a clear sign that many of our children have lost hope for a positive future.

Your help can reach more kids, and give them hope for a positive future for themselves and the world.

He notices that he is accepted fully and cherished for
who he is, by the group as a whole. This is helping him to regain
the full ease and confidence in himself that he was born with.”

—Lisa Marcus, mother of Kai

Ingwe, our co-founder, had a dream that ALL kids would have the opportunity to develop a strong connection to the natural world. In his honor, the proceeds of our spring Get Outside campaign will go to the Ingwe Memorial Scholarship Fund.

“Hannah learned to slow down and enjoy the beauty around her… It’s a great
experience, and you learn to be more in tune with yourself and nature.”

—Mary Derrick, mother of Hannah

We currently have more scholarship requests than we can fulfill. Your continued support will help us meet this rising demand, and to ensure that our programs are accessible to many who could not otherwise afford to participate.

Imagine a world in which the transformational impact of our program
is available to everyone who needs it…

Last year we gave over $76,000 in scholarships. Our goal for our spring Get Outside campaign is $35,000. Please send in your generous donation today to help bring Ingwe’s dream to life and bring the healing tonic of nature connection and gratitude to more kids of all ages.

With gratitude,

Warren Moon
Executive Director

P.S. Please send in your donation by June 1st, the deadline for us to notify recipients. This will allow your Ingwe Memorial Scholarship Fund contribution to be put to work immediately to help more kids connect with nature.


This program continues to engage, inspire and teach my children
— about nature, about themselves, about each other and about courage
—  courage to be themselves, to follow their heart to invest
time in things that inspire them, and to try new things.”

—Karen Dawson, mother of Marcus and Tate



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