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Letter from Ellen Haas, Coyote’s Guide co-author…

At Wilderness Awareness School, we truly believe in listening to the call of the wild. We truly believe in the power of nature to guide us where we can be of best service when the season is right.

Many years ago I keened to the siren song of this vibrant school, retiring from teaching to “chop wood and carry water” for the most wonderful community of people I could imagine.

Answer the Call of the Wild!I witnessed daily that our mentors are truly devoted to guiding students to discover their gifts and to give them freely. Our staff is truly committed to living by our Peacemaker Principles. And our organization truly strives to do business, as our founders envisioned, “in a sacred way.”

This is a powerful place that performs miracles because it is willingly guided by a spiritual calling to reconnect humans with the rest of nature.

It has been a great honor to have had a hand in guiding decisions and defining documents during the time that the school has come of age. What began as a haywire visionary organization has developed into a deeply rooted and flourishing school.

We have navigated a course that has kept us both financially stable and spiritually vital. We’ve cultivated a strong community of donors and a wise council of Elders. We have developed administrative systems and technologies that enable us to run more smoothly. We’ve defined our values and focused a strategic plan to be a vibrating model of nature education.

We have begun to spread the Art of Mentoring far and wide, through ongoing workshops and the publication and distribution of our seminal mentoring text, Coyote’s Guide — looking to the day when we truly have a mentor on every corner, a field guide on every table, and a sparkle in every eye.

And now it is time for me to move along into the autumn (Northwest) of my life, to let the youngsters manage the tactics, and enter gracefully into the grandmother role as part of our Elders Council.

From this new vantage point, I invite you to follow the call of the wild and increase your support for this remarkable school — without delay.

The times we live in right now are calling Wilderness Awareness School to do what it was born to do, to pour out its gifts to a public now desperate for them. Young people spend 93% of their time indoors, many plugged in, regulated, scared and suffering from symptoms of nature deficit disorder.

We have good medicine to share. David Sobel, author of Beyond Ecophobia: Reclaiming the Heart in Nature Education said of Coyote’s Guide,

“This is nature education as it should be
— mysterious, timeless, hopeful, evocative and playful.”

We are poised for very significant leadership in the growing national and international movement to “Leave No Child Inside,” with a measurable track record, an extensive community of trained alumnae, and a vision for extending our teachings outward to meet diverse populations and regional needs.

Now, more than ever, there is great need in the world for Wilderness Awareness School to expand the reach of our programs and teachings.

Please join me in increasing your support by giving a generous donation today.


Ellen Haas

Ellen Haas
Elder, co-author Coyote’s Guide

P.S. Please send in your contribution today — every dollar you give will make a difference in reconnecting humans with the rest of nature!


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