Your Generosity Lifts Lives!

Dear Wilderness Awareness School Stakeholders,

We greatly appreciate your support of nature education! Your choices as student, parent, teacher, donor and volunteer are building bridges for more children to connect with nature.

What if more people in the world made similar choices as you? What if more kids could have similar experience as Marcus and Tate?


     “This program continues to engage, inspire and teach my children - about nature,

     about themselves, about each other and about courage – courage to be themselves,

     to follow their heart to invest time in things that inspire them and to try new things.”

- Karen Dawson, mother of Marcus and Tate


With your support today, Wilderness Awareness School can continue to build the bridges for more kids of all ages to connect with nature and be themselves.


Locally, your contributions help over 3,000 kids of all ages connect with nature, community and self. Internationally, your contributions help train the next generation of skilled instructors who get the valuable experience they need in our youth and adult programs, to take their skills to new communities around the world.


Brooke Ahlegian, a former youth student, long-time volunteer and summer camp instructor for Wilderness Awareness School is now founder, director and lead instructor of Environmental Connections Outdoor School:


   “I began volunteering at Wilderness Awareness School, where I truly discovered

     my passion. At age 13, I was writing up plans to start my own nature school.

     Almost ten years later, I am now the Founder of Environmental Connections

     Outdoor School, in Olympia, Washington.


In her first year, Brooke mentored over 120 kids, and she and ECOS are part of over 200 schools and individuals who were trained by Wilderness Awareness School or adopted our curriculum and methodology – to reach thousands of kids, worldwide.

We need your help to train these instructors who will return to their communities, and build bridges to connect thousands of kids of all ages to nature, community and self. Please consider a generous contribution.

With gratitude,

Warren Moon
Executive Director

P.S. Please send in your contribution today — every dollar you give will make a difference in reconnecting humans with the rest of nature!

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