Skills Day Camps – Outdoor Summer Camps

“At dinner each day my son and I would discuss the activities at camp. He was brimming with enthusiasm and would spend the rest of the evening talking about nature and the skills he learned!” – Deborach Machon

Scout Awareness Skills Day Camp – Ages 10-12

This camp focuses on using our senses to the fullest, as did the ancient “scouts” of many cultures who were able to travel for days without supplies. We will gain greater knowledge of edible plants as food and medicine; tracking as a means of gathering details of animals’ lives without ever seeing them; and “bird language” to allow us to move silently and become more aware of predators.


Survival Skills Day Camp – Ages 10-12

This camp expands on the experiences of our Nature Adventure Day Camps providing your camper with opportunities for more fun AND development of more focused wilderness skills!

All campers will receive training and assessment in the safe use of knives, and will have opportunity during the week to use this skill with the attentive supervision of our staff! Other skills that your camper will have the opportunity to practice will include some (but not necessarily all!) of the following; making fire with matches and with friction, safe and effective fire tending techniques, principles of shelter-building, identifying and harvesting wild edibles, open-fire cooking and stalking bullfrogs (catch-and-release only at this camp, no hunting!). Projects might include making baskets for collecting wild food, candle making and hand-twisting cordage!

Along with the focus on survival skills, your camper should be ready for some serious on-trail and off-trail exploration at our property in the foothills outside of Duvall. They may find themselves wading through the sword ferns gathering material for a shelter, crawling through a thicket to get at that perfect stick for a fire-making kit, or wading at the edge of our pond to gather cattail roots for a wild lunch.

No matter what specific activities and adventures we have during a week of Survival Skills Day Camp, our goals remain the same… that your child have fun, while learning about nature and themselves. At the end of a week with us, we hope that you see in your child increased self-confidence, as well as excitement about an assortment of new skills and stories of adventure.

The Art of Nature: A New Skills Day Camp for Ages 8-12

At our new Art of Nature Day Camp, participants will dive into hands-on relationship with the world around them, working with materials and inspiration from nature to produce a varied items of creative expression! During this week of camp, your child will create some art to bring home as well as having the opportunity to experiment with site-specific sculpture and land art. This camp is ideal for those who have previously participated in our Nature Adventure Day Camps, but there are no prerequisites!

Campers will work on a variety of art projects throughout the week; some projects will utilize materials from nature in the creation of art, such as natural plant dyes and tree-bark boxes, while other projects such as drawing or writing will be opportunities for expression of what participants see and experience in nature. This camp will include a variety of creative projects to choose from, activities designed to stimulate inspiration and basic instruction on some artistic principles, as well as new games and stories (along with some old favorites).

Neither your standard art camp, nor the nature camp that you have done before – this is not merely a combination of the two, but a whole new experience that will bring out the beauty of both!

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Our camps were voted best and as a top finalist and for the third year in a row we were awarded a Golden Teddy!

2014 Schedule for Skills Day Camps


Jul 14 - Jul 18
Jul 14 - Jul 18
Jul 21 - Jul 25
Aug 11 - Aug 15
Aug 18 - Aug 22
Aug 18 - Aug 22


Scout Awareness Skills Day Camp
Survival Skills Day Camp
Scout Awareness Skills Day Camp
The Art of Nature Day Camp
Scout Awareness Skills Day Camp
Scout Awareness Skills Day Camp



- These weeks of camp are for Ages 8-12.

  • Ages 10-12
  • 9am-3pm weekdays
  • $325/week
  • Free shirt included!
  • Free field guide
    & pocket notebook!
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