Meet the Team

Anake Core Staff

With 35 years of combined experience at Wilderness Awareness School, our core instructional team’s collective field time and facilitation translates into a rich learning experience. The three Core Instructors of the Anake Outdoor School facilitate the overall progression of the program, and serve as your primary mentors. They teach the core competencies of the program, and work with renowned adjunct and guest faculty to provide mastery-level instruction. They each bring their own areas of specialty and enthusiasm. A large part of the magic of Anake is the diverse and complementary interaction of these vital teachers.

Marcus Reynerson

Anake Lead Instructor

Laura Gunion

Anake Core Instructor

Richie Rivera-Booth

Anake Core Instructor

Anake Adjunct Instructors

The Adjunct faculty consists of other expert Wilderness Awareness School instructors AND colleagues from other organizations. These specialists come into the program numerous times throughout the year to offer teachings in their particular fields of expertise. These instructors will get to know you and support you through your experience.

Mike Prince

Tracking Specialist

Dan Corcoran

Survival Skills Specialist

Andy Franjevic

Land Stewardship, Bird Language Specialist

Charlie Serra

Bushcraft Skills Specialist

Merilee Bradford

Wild Edibles and Wildcraft Specialist

Quinn Bailey

Coyote Mentoring Specialist

Kyle Koch

Anake Outreach Specialist

Samuel Bowman

Buschraft Specialist

Sol Marie Doran

Coyote Mentoring Specialist

Ellen Haas

Geology and Tracking Specialist

Warren Brush

Permaculture Design Instructor

Lindsay Allen

Permaculture Instructor

Anake Guest Instructors

The Anake Outdoor School hosts a variety of skilled guest instructors and presenters who offer their unique perspectives on particular topics. These teachers will come in once or twice throughout the year with specific offerings to enrich your experience.

Swil Kanim

Storyteller, Violinist

Gene Tagaban


Lindsay Huettman

Medicinal Plants Instructor

Heidi Bohan

Ethnobotanist and Educator

Darcy Ottey

Social Justice Educator

Ramon Gabrieloff-Parish

Social Justice and Embodiment Educator

Daniel Kirchoff

Permaculture Instructor

Alexia Allen

Birder, Permaculturist

Peter Yenkin

Leather Shoes and Crafts Instructor

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