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Please note: All previously scheduled visit days have been canceled at this time due to our closures related to COVID-19. 


Visit Days

Are you interested in visiting us to learn more about the Anake Outdoor School? Sign up for one of the options below and come out to visit us! Join us for a day of class!


Anake Class Visit Days

Join us for a day of class! Meet at the Duvall Park and Ride at 8:30am, and we'll take you to our campus. The visit day will wrap up by 3:30pm. More details to follow about your specific visit day once you sign up.


Linne Doran Tour Days

Join our Anake Outreach Team for a tour of our 40-acre campus in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. You'll get to tour the land, participate in some core routines from our curriculum, and get all of your questions answered by an Anake expert. The day typically runs from 10am-1pm, but is customizable. 


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