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Interested in visiting the Anake Program? Join us for a day of class! Meet at the Duvall Park and Ride at 8:30am; you will then travel to our campus. The visit day will wrap up by 3:30pm. More details to follow about your specific visit day once you sign up.

Wilderness Cooking 12/11 Tuesday
Humans have been cooking around the fire for a long time. We will explore ancient and modern techniques for cooking food such as: Spit roasting, Clay baking, Dutch oven, Rock boiling and more

Trees 1/9 Wednesday
Join Anake Guest Instructor Phil Bennet, an arborist and poet who brings a unique blend of scientific and mytho-poetic perspectives on the biophysical functions of trees and the roles they play in forest ecology, as well as the space they hold in the psyche of human beings.

Trailing 2/26 Tuesday
Imagine finding the footprint of a wild animal and being able to follow the trail directly to the creature. We will be exploring the tools and techniques to get you started on this journey. 

Bird Language 3/6 Wednesday *Different time: 6 AM to 12 Noon*
Learn to read and interpret the concentric rings of nature. Birds are not just making random sounds, they are communicating in great detail. Through mapping and awareness exercises we will learn how to participate in their conversations. 

Fire From Scratch 3/19 Tuesday
Making a fire from materials gathered off the land is an important survival skill, especially in the Pacific Northwest. We will learn how to find and use dry material, techniques to build a fire, and advanced friction fire techniques.

Survival and Fortitude 3/20 Wednesday
Winter in Northern latitudes can be cold, wet, and there are limited resources available. We will be looking at what skills and mind set are needed to make it through these hard times.

Natural Mentoring 4/17 Wednesday
Mentoring is the foundation of our educational model here at Anake. Join us and take part in inspired conversations about what mentoring is, how it differs from instruction, and why mentoring matters for those of us looking for community in our lives.

Spring Wild Edibles 4/25 Thursday
The greens are sprouting up and we have a full day dedicated to the lush and delicious plants of the Pacific Northwest. Join us for a day of foraging and learn about what to eat and how to prepare these tasty plants!  

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