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Doniga Markegard Storytelling - Nov 17, 2017

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November 17th, 2017
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Doniga Markegard, author and regenerative rancher, will be sharing an evening of stories from her new book Dawn Again: Tracking the Wisdom of the Wild. Meet at our 40-acre campus outside of Duvall. Talk will go from 6:30-8pm. While the talk is free, please register for this event!

About Doniga

Doniga began her nature connection at Community School in 1996 and along with a handful of other teens, their group formed the first full-time immersion into nature for modern youth.

Mentored by Jon Young, Gilbert Walking Bull and many other WAS instructors she continued with the school throughout her high school years and then became an instructor on many expeditions and workshops. She spent seven summers tracking wolves, traveled the country and world teaching tracking, bird language and the Art of Mentoring. Tom Brown Jr. took her on as a student and she attended classes for two years at the Tracker School after WAS. 

Doniga and her family raise grass-fed beef, lamb, pasture raised pork, chicken and dairy to supply the San Francisco bay area. Through connection and rites-of-passage in nature, Doniga found her vision to seek out and apply regenerative agriculture solutions for some of the most pressing issues of our time. Through Holistic Management practices Doniga and her family have grown to steward over 10,000 acres of rangeland by mimicking nature to produce nutrient dense meats. The results are staggering. When intentional land tending is applied, the Markegards observe the soil getting healthier with the ability to sequester carbon, capture and purify water and throughout the ranches they see an enhance in biodiversity. 

Doniga has an immense passion for the natural world and helping others live a life of balance with the earth and all living things, leading a life of example where her own actions are deliberated into the health of the future generations.

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