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Jon Young: Advanced Bird Language

18 99 Older teens welcome Linne Doran: Duvall, WA 350.00 350.00 Camping available; No food provided. s
Spring 2020 TBD
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Join us for an immersive three-day class in Advanced Bird Language! Wilderness Awareness School founder, Jon Young will lead us in an intensive class format to go deep into the world of the language of the birds.

Core topics will include:
  • The Five Voices of the Birds
  • Interpreting Shapes of Alarm
  • Deep Sensory Awareness and Natural Movement
  • Mapping Bird Language
  • Storytelling and Dynamic Sensory and Memory Skills

In addition, advanced topics such as Body Radar, Animal Communication, Advanced Deep Connection Practices, and Intuitive Tracking will be woven through the weekend.

While this class does not have any pre-requisites, prior experience with bird language will enhance your time in class. This includes taking bird language classes, reading What the Robin Knowsor listening to Advanced Bird Language CDs.

Program Logistics

Class will run from 9am-5pm on Friday. Class will run from 6am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday. You will be doing two "bird sits" in the early morning (6am-8am on Saturday and Sunday), which will be a foundation for learning throughout the course. Camping is available on Friday and Saturday evening. Food is not provided.

About the Instructor

Jon Young is the founder of Wilderness Awareness School. Under the tutelage of Tom Brown Jr., Jon developed a deep connection to the natural world. His learning journey was not easy - most of the lessons were hard-earned through days, weeks, and months of study. Jon did not have many field guides to learn from, and he quickly realized that the questions he had would not be found in them anyway. Jon has always had a deep love for birds and has complemented the rise of life-listers and bird identification with the Art of Bird Language - listening to the tone and intensity as well as the calls and songs of birds. Jon is a Master storyteller and has been integral to furthering the deep nature connection movement. He currently lives in the Bay area of California running the 8 Shields Institute.


This was not only a profound nature awareness experience, but a profound cultural immersion in connection. Its ripples are still moving through my life in increased clarity, connection to myself, other people, and all of nature, and a profoundly deepened lens on inter-relationships. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this program. - Gabriel Kram, Founder, Applied Mindfulness & Restorative Practices Alliance