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Jon Young: Animal Communication - April 24-26, 2020

18 99 Older teens welcome with an adult Linne Doran: Duvall, WA 325.00 325.00 9-5pm Fri/Sat; 9-4pm Sun; Camping available Fri/Sat; No food provided s
April 24 - 26th, 2020
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Jon Young: Animal Communication & Intuitive Awareness

Do you long to understand what the animals in your life are trying to communicate? How do you tap into a conversation that both wild and domestic animals seem to be having all around us?

Join us for a transformative workshop where you'll explore a new ability to communicate with pets, wildlife, and other beings. We will also spend significant time developing our intuition. You'll learn that we are all born with this ability and possess the key to unlocking a human birthright.

The goal of this workshop is to meet you wherever you are on your journey with animal communication and intuition training. If you are a beginner, you'll receive a foundation of tools to implement into your daily life. For more advanced students, you'll be able to push your edge by learning from facilitators who have been practicing these skills for decades.

The key to all of this is based on simple, yet profound nature connection routines: the Sit Spot, Sense Meditation, and tapping into the Quiet Mind. From that place, you will do exercises that will hone and sharpen your intuition and your ability to interpret non-verbal information.

There are tremendous benefits to practicing these skills. In addition to tapping into animal communication, you'll learn how to be more present and grounded, including boosting your mindfulness and well-being! This class is expected to fill and we recommend signing up early to ensure that you get a space.

Program Logistics

Class will take place at our school's 40-acre property outside Duvall, WA from 9am-5pm on Friday and Saturday, and 9am-4pm on Sunday. There will be an optional storytelling event on Saturday evening. No food is provided. Rustic camping is available Friday and Saturday night. Participants will be in the classroom as well as in the field and will need to dress in layers accordingly.

About the Instructor

Jon Young is a nature connection mentor, naturalist, peacemaker, author, sought after public speaker, and storyteller. As a leader in the field of nature-based community building over 30 years, Jon’s research into the impact and significance of nature on human intelligence and development has influenced tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Trained from an early age by renowned tracker Tom Brown Jr., and later by Lakota elder Gilbert Walking Bull and many other indigenous leaders from around the world, Jon has delved deeply into the arts of nature awareness, holistic tracking, bird language, and ancestral living skills - fundamental knowledge that shaped the formation of human neurobiology and the way our species connects and learns. He has appeared as an expert in numerous documentaries concerning nature and ecology and travels to teach widely throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and southern Africa.

Jon has authored and co-authored several seminal works on nature connection and connection mentoring, including What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World (2013), and Coyote's Guide to Connecting to Nature (2007). In 2016, he received the Champion of Environmental Education Award for his innovative work, which has inspired positive developments in the field, and fostered the growth of the nature connection movement on a global level.

As co-founder of the 8 Shields Institute and 8 Shields Media, Jon has established an international network of consultants and trainers working to cultivate effective nature connection mentoring programs in communities and organizations. As the originator of the 8 Shields model, a best-practices process for nature connection mentoring, Jon has implemented vital advancements in the regeneration of nature-based cultural knowledge for the benefit of current and future generations.