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Natural Journey With Grief: Feb 11-12, 2017

18 99 Linne Doran: Duvall, WA 195.00 195.00 9-5pm both days; Camping available Saturday; No food provided s
February 11 - 12th, 2017
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Have you ever noticed that in some of the hardest times in your life... a breath of fresh air, a glorious sunset or a sturdy tree to lean on has offered unconditional support and momentary joy?

If you have had any loss - either recent or in the past - you know how difficult this process can be. There are many times our human or animal loved ones are there for us, and times they cannot be. The earth also holds the ability to create a safe, knowledgeable and supportive presence in times of loss and grief.

Join us for a weekend exploring what the common reactions to grief and loss are, and how our beautiful Pacific Northwest forest can be an ally through your process. We will also be giving back to the places that support us with a guided awareness and gratitude ritual. Sometimes being alone in our grief is needed, but it never has to be the only option. Come join us to share in a sacred, confidential space in nature to support and be supported in your soul’s natural journey with grief.

Program Logistics

Class will take place at our school's 40-acre property from 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. No Food provided. Rustic camping available Saturday night. Participants will spend time indoors and outdoors throughout the weekend; please dress appropriately.

Meet Your Instructors

Lindsay Huettman

Lindsay Huettman

Lindsay loves plants of the Pacific Northwest. She brings over 15 years of experience with native plants, organic gardening, ethnobotany, permaculture, arboriculture, plant science and more. She carries a deep respect and love for the natural world. Her primary passion is connecting humans to wilderness through the use of primitive skills as a vehicle to inner awareness and enlightenment.

This inspired Lindsay to complete a degree at WWU in Ethnobotany Stewardship Education. Other passions include leading wilderness survival, writing and playing music, wilderness medicine, rites of passage and initiation work. She also has a background in landscaping, horse packing, and whitewater rafting. Lindsay has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and is an LMHCA (Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate) with a specialization in grief, trauma and anxiety/panic disorders. She combines her experience as a wilderness guide with transformational practices to support self realization and growth. Lindsay is a former Anake Outdoor School instructor.