Giving Thanks for Field Inventories

kamana ecourse

By the time you finish the Kamana program you will have done at least 52 Field Inventories. That’s quite a few. Field Inventories are a part of almost every single Field Exercise. What I’m trying to say is, they will become or already are a core routine for you if you are serious about doing Kamana. Whether these are new to you or old hat, follow these tips to maximize your experience.

1. Build your routine. Do your inventory once per week. When I was doing Kamana, I went to my Sit Spot many times during the week and then used my mind’s eye to fill out my Inventory. Some people like to take daily notes and then fill it out later in the week. Still, others enjoy doing one Field Inventory per day. It really is up to you. Just make it sustainable and fun. And you only need to do 1 per week.

2.  Push yourself to fill in every area of your Field Inventory. Leave no blanks! The blank spots are holes in your awareness. If you come to a section and can’t think of anything to put in there, you know you need to work that part. Do a little research and write down what you’ve learned.

3. Remember, your Field Inventories are an opportunity for learning! Make the most out of them. Enjoy them. It is easy to allow them to become rote; don’t let it happen! This is your learning journey. Your Field Inventories are the place you tell your story. Imagine yourself around a fire with friends and recount your escapades of the week.

4. Return to your Inventories. This is akin to re-reading a journal from a few months ago. Reflection can help you to glean more information and connect with more patterns than you may have originally.

5. Give thanks for your Field Inventories. They really are a marvelous tool!

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