Natalie Copeland

Natalie Copeland

Program Coordinator
Pronouns: She/Her

Natalie is passionate about exploring art, science, and nature as equally important paths to knowing ourselves and our world, and blending these elements to inspire curiosity and wonder in others.

Born in Washington, Natalie spent her elementary years in Florida, bushwhacking through swamps, pretending in forts, and watching meteor showers. However, she wouldn’t have considered herself “outdoorsy” at the time. She spent much of her young life singing and dancing in the theatre and grew up with a deep appreciation for science and writing. When her family put down roots in the Snoqualmie Valley at the base of Mount Si, a place that Natalie now considers her heart’s home, it was these passions that took center stage.

After earning her BFA in Musical Theatre at Central Washington University, Natalie joined the Education team at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, where she spent 7 years specializing in traveling outreach programs, planetarium shows, museum theatre, and cultural astronomy. She also joined the Seattle fringe theatre community, where she continues to craft pieces that combine her passions and help upcoming artists realize their weirdest, wildest dreams. A couple of highlights of her career have been sharing the Great American Eclipse of 2017 with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, and writing an interactive children’s folk musical about the Mars rovers for Annex Theatre.

Feeling a deep connection between teaching astronomy and her experiences falling back in love with the natural world in her backyard as an adult, Natalie joined WAS in 2021 as an apprentice in the Nature Instructor Training program. After a lovely year with Village, Wild Within, and Monthlies students and staff, she officially joined our team as Summer and Adult Program Coordinator in 2022. She is happiest when sharing a hike and deep conversation with a good friend, and spends her free time exploring the mountains, writing, watercolor painting, making music, or pouring herself into a new crafting adventure. She feels particularly connected to rabbits, deer, Western Red Cedar, the Cascade mountains, the Snoqualmie River, and of course, the sun, moon, stars, and planets.

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