2024 Wall Calendar: Tracking Through the Seasons


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This 2024 calendar is a journey through the art of wildlife track and sign by Susan Wepking, a talented wildlife photographer and Registrar at Wilderness Awareness School. As a recent graduate of our Wildlife Tracking Intensive program, Susan was inspired by the stories left behind on the landscape by the more-than-human world.

Each month of the year includes a high-resolution image of a non-human being, accompanied by a track, nest, or feather that it has left behind. This calendar reflects important dates/holidays, moon phases, and plenty of space to write in your own appointments, reminders, and special dates.

squirrel track

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About the Photographer

Susan Photographer
Susan’s photography is as much an expression of her naturalist pursuits as it is an artistic outlet. Her innate love of her wild relations and the land that nurtures them was strengthened as a child hiking the foothills of Tahoma with her family. Since then, her explorations have taken her deeper into both sides of the Cascades and the sagebrush steppe of the Columbia Plateau. Her passion for adventure also revealed a deep love for the desert Southwest, which became her muse as both poet and photographer. Susan’s work is born of place-based connections and land embodiment. It calls us to “live in a world of relations.” 2024 will be Susan’s 6th year as Registrar at Wilderness Awareness School.