Digital Kamana Four with Student Services



Kamana Four completes your Kamana naturalist studies journey. Awareness and research routines and techniques are further expanded, leaving you with the tools to learn the ecology of any place you go in the future.


Kamana Three Certification

During Kamana Four, you will

  • Dramatically increase your dynamic awareness, maintaining mindfulness of your natural environment even while engaged in other activities, such as a conversation with a peer.
  • Hone your own ability to reflect on and share stories of your nature connection experiences.
  • Practice natural empathy, learning to see through the eyes of the animals as ancestral scouts did.
  • Complete twenty-four additional field inventories and associated maps of your sit spot area.
  • Expand your focus from your sit spot to the broader bioregion by researching your bioregion’s natural history, watersheds, geological features and more.
  • Complete a master list of all the species in your area based on your taxonomic research from Kamana Three.
  • Complete sixty to one hundred additional journals on the flora and fauna of your bioregion drawn from your master species lists.

Kamana Four consists of seven field packs that take a minimum of eight months but typically closer to fifteen to complete. Included in the purchase price for Kamana Four is two years of Student Service mentorship with one of our Kamana Instructors and a Kamana diploma upon successful completion.

Digital books are pdf copies of the original 3-ring binders, delivered as one-time links to download and print and/or store on your device.

Recommended Resources

  • Stokes Animal Tracking & Behavior or other animal behavior guide
  • Bird vocalization audio recordings, apps, or internet resources
  • Peterson’s Forests for your region or local ecosystem field guide
  • Local geology guide or internet resource, including soil maps
  • Complete field guide library as referenced in Kamana Three

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