Digital Kamana One



In this first level of the Kamana study-at-home program you will embark on a potent and grounding path to connect with nature at your own pace, at your own place. The Kamana One workbook moves you through two weeks of awareness exercises and eight areas of ecological study using a field guide and audio series narrated by Jon Young, for a total of four to six weeks of independent study.

The awareness assignments culminate with finding a “sit spot,” or an outside area you visit on a regular basis to practice exercises that expand your awareness of nature and knowledge of your place. The ecological research helps you utilize field guides as mentors to connect you with the flora and fauna of your place, and to understand how these taxonomical family groups weave the ecological web of your region.

Awareness exercises and ecological study include:

  • Mapping and Journaling
  • Hazard Awareness and Safety
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Mammals and Tracking
  • Plants and Wandering
  • Ecology and Community
  • Trees and Survival
  • Birds and Sensory Awareness

This taster course introduces you to the core routines woven through all levels of our world-renowned study-at-home nature connection program, and will help you determine if the entire Kamana program is for you. Certificate of completion sent upon submission of field pack!

Recommended Resources

Seeing Through Native Eyes: A Journey of Connection
Updated digital mp3 recordings by Jon Young include more than seven hours of reflections and stories on regaining the quality of connection with nature that our ancestors enjoyed. Because they lived close to the land, native cultures the world over spoke the language of their place. They had an intimate understanding of plant and animal lifestyles. They knew how to move with grace and ease through the wilderness. Seeing through native eyes means immersing the senses in nature, discovering heightened grounding perspective and a sense of belonging in the more-than-human world.
Readers Digest Guide to North American Wildlife
A comprehensive, illustrated field guide to 2,000 plants and animals of the North American continent. It includes ecosystems, mammals, birds, trees, plants, reptiles, amphibians and MUCH more. A good starter field guide for all North American Kamana students, to be supplemented by other regional or more focused guides as you continue your naturalist studies. (Not recommended for Kamana students outside of North America.)

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  • Digital Kamana One Book: a pdf file of the original 8 Shields edition workbook.
  • Digital Kamana One Pack includes a pdf file of the Kamana One book and Seeing Through Native Eyes mp3 downloads.

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