Digital Kamana Three with Student Services



Kamana Three continues your journey in this wilderness home study course with increasingly complex assignments including enhanced field inventories, advanced sensory awareness exercises, beginning taxonomical studies, and more in-depth species journals.


Kamana Two Certification

During Kamana Three, you will:

  • Deepen your connection with your sit spot and the greater ecosystem through twenty weekly field inventories.
  • Expand your awareness with fun games and meditative exercises including walking silently in nature, exploring your passion in nature study, massaging with the senses, and more.
  • Continue using field guides as mentors to research ecological and taxonomical relationships and complete another sixty journals on flora and fauna of your bioregion.

Kamana Three consists of five field packs that take a minimum of five months but typically closer to ten to complete. Included in the purchase price for Kamana Three is eighteen months of Student Service mentorship with one of our Kamana Instructors as well as a certificate upon successful completion.

Digital books are pdf copies of the original 3-ring binders, delivered as one-time links to download and print and/or store on your device.

Recommended Resources

  • Botany in a Day by Tom Elpel
  • A college level Biology textbook or similar resource
  • Field Guides: Local field guides to mammals, animal tracks, skulls, reptiles & amphibians, birds/bird nests, venomous animals/ poisonous plants, herbaceous plants and/or wildflowers, edible & medicinal plants, trees, and ethnobotany. Check our Student Resources page for suggestions, or consult a local library, nature center, or conservation organization for the best field guides for your region.

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