The Spirit of the Leopard


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Two CD set narrated by Ingwe

Through this collection of short stories from his youth, Ingwe takes us on a deep, heartfelt journey of a white man’s life among “his people” – the Akamba. It is a fantastic and true account of blood brotherhood, mystical leopards and powerful waking visions. These CD’s are filled with the wonder of the African plains, where the elephant trumpets the dawn, the leopard prowls the moon-lit night, eagles fly against the blue of the sky, where the young Ingwe “dreamt dreams that were so real, so vivid, that they were not dreams, they were visions.”

Ingwe (1914-2005) – born M. Norman Powell of British ancestry – spent his childhood with the sons of warriors of an African tribe. From his boyhood friend, Ndaka, Ingwe learned how to track, hunt – and most importantly – find spirituality in the wilderness. For sixty years, Ingwe dedicated himself to revealing nature’s truth to people all over the world. This is a RARE treasure by Wilderness Awareness School’s co-founder and grandfather.