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Hunter's Path

Overnight Camp

14 18 Linne Doran: Duvall, WA 810.00 810.00 Includes T-shirt
Sun 1 PM to Fri 4 PM
July 7 - 12th, 2019

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Walk the Path of the Hunter and deepen your survival skills. Whether you are a graduate of Wilderness Survival Overnight or a socially mature, older teen with previous experience, this week will challenge you to build on your basic knowledge through archery and other ancestral hunting skills.

Hunter’s Path Overnight gives teens the opportunity to connect with the skills of the hunter.

Recognized by ParentMap as winner or top finalist for best overnight camp each of the past eight years!

During the week long adventure, teens will:

  • Learn and practice archery and other ancestral hunting skills
  • Immerse in the way of the hunter through keen nature observation
  • Move and hide in the forest using the routines of invisibility
  • Participate in respectful animal harvest
  • Process animals for food and hides
  • Cook over open fire and coals
  • Identify and harvest wild edibles
  • Learn and practice the safe use of knives as tools
  • Hunt bullfrogs with frog spears
  • Pursue fun adventures off-trail
  • Connect deeply with new friends

Our instructional team features:

  • A 1:9 staff-student ratio
  • On-site director and volunteers who offer additional instructor support
  • Staff trained as Coyote Mentors, a widely-respected educational philosophy developed at the Wilderness Awareness School
  • Compassionate educators who encourage each child's respect for self, others and nature
  • Experienced Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified professionals

Important Notes

Mammal Harvest

Participants will be presented with the opportunity to learn about and experience the respectful and responsible "harvest" of a mammal.  Typically we use a rabbit, and sometimes a goat, calf or sheep. We provide this opportunity because it is not only an important skill for survival in the wild, but it also provides an opportunity for deeper connection with the source of food many of us eat in our daily lives.  It is humbling to experience first hand that other living things must die for us to live.  This is an edge-pushing experience for many, and we strive to infuse it with the utmost respect for life, death and the wide range of emotions. By registering for this camp, parents are giving their permission for this activity.  At camp, teen participants will then be given the choice of how to participate and to what degree.  Animal harvest is an integral part of Hunter’s Path Camp.  You can contact us with any questions at all about this sensitive topic.

Hunting Season and License

Hunter’s Path is one way to start learning about the path of the hunter.  We will encourage teens who want to pursue this more to sign up for an official Hunter Education Course through WDFW and learn about hunting seasons and laws before going hunting, though a hunting license is NOT required for this camp.