Remember Us in Your Will

Children who spend time outdoors, connecting with their natural environment, are healthier and more productive. However, if a child doesn’t have adult mentors who can teach her about the natural world, it can appear scary, uninviting or simply inaccessible.

That’s why our work is so important—and why your support is critical.

Our beloved founder, Ingwe, and his wife, Elizabeth, made a long-lasting and positive impact on children and our future. You can leave a similar legacy by including Wilderness Awareness School in your will or living trust or by naming us as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, or retirement or other financial account.

Your financial support will live on after you are gone, ensuring our organization will continue to deliver experiences that create a deep connection with children and their natural environment, their communities and themselves.

Please contact Warren Moon, Executive Director of Wilderness Awareness School, to let us know you are considering this opportunity, or have already designated your gift.

In honor of our beloved founder Ingwe, and his wife Elizabeth, we look forward to welcoming you to the Ingwe Legacy Circle. We are grateful for all you do to ensure a healthy future for kids and our natural world!

Wilderness Awareness School