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Bushcraft Basics - Nov 9-10, 2019

16 99 Older teens welcome with an adult Linne Doran: Duvall, WA 235.00 235.00 9-5pm both days; Camping available Saturday; No food provided s
November 9 - 10th, 2019
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The ultimate expression of freedom is the lack of reliance on items you can’t produce yourself. This is the essence of Bushcraft—what you need to know to craft and successfully use the tools for living in the Bush. Each skill that we teach will have a practical application. Theory will be put to the test. You will learn fundamental skills in how to live closer to nature. Instead of just surviving, you will learn to live and thrive with the natural materials that surround you.

In this weekend course, you will learn these core skills of Bushcraft:

  • Safe and efficient knife use and maintenance (including sharpening)
  • How to make a friction fire (bow drill fire making)
  • Carving and coal-burning your own spoon
  • How to make strong utility cordage (rope) out of natural plant materials
  • Plant Identification and use - edible, medicinal, and utilitarian.
  • Creating containers out of bark and/or gourds
  • The art of cooking over an open fire

Program Logistics

Class takes place on our 40-acre property outside of Duvall, WA. It will go from 9-5pm Saturday and Sunday. No food provided. Rustic camping available Saturday night. Participants are required to bring a fixed-blade, non-serrated knife to class. We will have knives available for purchase ($20-35 depending on the model). Part of Sunday will be spent learning how to cook over an open fire and bringing additional food is highly recommended. Details will be coordinated on Saturday. Please note that not everyone will be able to accomplish all of the above list as some projects require more time than others.

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