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All of our eCourse offerings are delivered via email. There are no portals, logins, tests, or certifications. They are simply structured lessons delivered to your inbox every two days comprised of educational lessons, scientific data, stories, and home study prompts. It’s as easy as that!

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Bird Language eCourse

We all know bird songs and bird calls are different for each bird, but did you know they have their own language? Animals understand bird language. That is why they can live so close to us and yet go unseen. Native hunters also understood bird language, and it helped them to move silently through the forest without being detected. If you are interested in learning more about bird language, sign up for our free eCourse and gain:

  • A deeper enjoyment of birds you see and hear daily
  • The ability to listen and interpret bird sounds around you
  • Better visibility of the wildlife that is present everywhere you go

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Wilderness Survival eCourse

Learn the essential skills of wilderness survival in this free eCourse. Topics include:

  • Survival Psychology
  • Creating Fire
  • Survival Food
  • Finding Water
  • Making Shelter
  • Wilderness Survival Kit
  • Putting It all Together
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Wild Plant Identification eCourse

The world of green right outside your door is calling! Take this eCourse to learn how to identify the wonderful wild plants living with you and around you. During the course you’ll get to practice some tips and techniques—no special equipment or tools needed!

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Nature Connection eCourse

Research shows that a connection to nature is vital for our health and well-being. In this free, introductory eCourse, we will help you start your nature connection journey. You will:

  • Dispel irrational fears of nature and learn how to deal with the real ones
  • Learn to slow down and tune up your senses
  • Bring health and peace to your life through connection with nature
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Secret World of Mushrooms eCourse

The world of mushrooms is all around us, even thought it often goes unnoticed. In this eCourse you will learn:

  • The biggest hazards of eating wild mushrooms
  • The most important keys to identifying a fungus
  • 3 tips to help you find specific mushrooms
  • How to properly collect a mushroom (for ID and consumption)
  • Why spending time in the woods is good for your health.
  • And so many more nuggets of wisdom!

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