Monthly Night Club

All Ages

Minors must be accompanied by an adult

Linne Doran: Duvall, WA


– October 7th, 6-9pm
– November 18, 6-9pm
– January 20, 6-9pm
– February 17, 6-9pm
– March 17, 7-10pm
– April 14, 7-10pm
– May 19-20, 6pm-10am (Campout)

students around a fire

Come explore the power and mystery of the night!

Night Club invites you to explore your relationship with darkness and light by practicing nature connection beyond the realm of day. Through games, discussion, modeling, art, sensory play, and more, you’ll experience:

  • Astronomy: Track the cycles and rhythms of the Earth, Moon, and stars throughout the seasons, navigate by the sky, use an amateur astronomer’s tools, and hear cross-cultural sky stories.
  • Awareness: Explore like a creature of the night, use your non-dominant senses, and move quietly and surely.
  • Games & Challenges: Get your blood racing, belly laughing, and senses tingling as you play in the dark.
  • Nocturnal Critters: Encounter the night life!
  • Campfire Connection: Sing songs, tell stories, discuss dreams, create art, and talk science around the fire.

The activities offered will differ from one meeting to the next as we move through the seasons, but no matter the flavor, expect opportunities to deepen your connection with night, nature, and self.

Afraid of the dark? You’re not alone! Fear of the dark is innate and can be reawakened at any age. Furthermore, it is now more difficult than ever to find true darkness, and as a result, we are less familiar with it and more easily scared. We offer Night Club to everyone as a chance to rekindle our ancient relationship with the night and to push our own edges with the support of others. We welcome the nocturnal novice and the savvy stargazer alike. 

Night Club is geared toward adults and mature teens, though all ages and families are welcome. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. 

Night Club is FREE! There is no registration process; just show up. We aren’t afraid of rain, but we will cancel Night Club for thunderstorms, snow and ice, and strong winds. 

Bring what you need to be comfortable outside in the dark, wet, and cold for several hours, including water, a thermos of hot beverage, snacks, a notebook & pencil (Rite in the Rain is ideal), a sit-pad, a headlamp or flashlight (ideally with a red light setting), and layers/footwear appropriate for the weather and for being off-trail in muddy/wet areas. 

Night Club meets on Friday evenings as close to twilight as traffic will allow, so start times will change seasonally. Be sure to check the start time, and try to arrive early if you can, as finding us in the dark after we begin could be difficult. Please carpool if possible; parking is limited! 

If you have questions about Night Club, or would like to join the Night Club mailing list to receive updates about what’s happening in the club and in the sky, please contact Night Club coordinator Natalie Copeland at [email protected]

Upcoming Dates

Fall of 2022 – Spring 2023 

Friday evenings, close to twilight.

  • October 7th, 6-9pm
  • November 18, 6-9pm
  • January 20, 6-9pm
  • February 17, 6-9pm
  • March 17, 7-10pm
  • April 14, 7-10pm
  • May 19-20, 6pm-10am (campout)


Linne Doran Campus in Duvall Washington
Meet at Cedar Lodge

Health Checks

Please note that all classes at Wilderness Awareness School will require staff and participants to follow Dept. of Health Guidelines and to stay home if they have signs or symptoms of Covid-19. Masks are not currently required. See our Covid page for the most up-to-date information.

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