Wild Women’s Weekend – Spring

Ages 16+

minors must be accompanied by an adult

Linne Doran: Duvall, WA

9-5pm Both Days; No food provided

Future Dates TBD

“This was an incredible opportunity to reconnect with my senses of play and wonder. I walked away from this weekend with a renewed desire to explore and learn my own land, and to share this with the children in my care.”

– Alison

“I absolutely loved this program. I am just so impressed with the level of knowledge every instructor had and how much heard they brought to their topics.”

– Katie McGinn

Join us for a women’s* deep nature connection weekend!

*We refer to “women” in as many ways as they want to define themselves. Individuals who identify as trans, gender-neutral, or non-binary are welcome to attend.

Learn some of the core routines of a nature connection practice in the company of experienced teachers and like-minded women. Share stories around a blazing fire, wander the land looking for signs of wildlife, interpret the language of the birds, and deepen your awareness of the natural world.

Please note that this class has a Spring and a Fall session. Each session is different and they are designed to complement one another.

This hands-on weekend will cover a variety of topics:

  • Practice the art of making and maintaining fire using modern and traditional methods
  • Learn how to safely and confidently identify, harvest, and prepare spring wild edible and medicinal plants
  • Learn fun and powerful skills and practices to rewild our bodies and move with joy through nature’s various terrains.
  • Tune into the language of the birds and learn to interpret how their calls can clue you into your environment
  • Spend time with an engaging group of experienced female instructors
  • Connect with other participants!

Additional activities are dependent on weather and COVID-19 safety for all participants. Small group instruction may include experiences like: 

  • Experiencing the eye-opening art of tracking wildlife
  • Making a nourishing spring tonic with plants you’ve foraged yourself
  • Learning how to walk like a fox, see like an owl, and hear like a deer

Participants will leave with a new set of eyes to view the natural world as well as a new bond with other women!

Program Logistics

Class will take place at our school’s 40-acre property from 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. No food provided. The program will take place outdoors throughout the weekend; please dress appropriately with the expectation that you could possibly be outside in the rain all day. Participants should be comfortable standing and walking on uneven ground, or contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs. 

Click here for more program details and gear list

Meet Your Core Instructor: Brooke Nelson


Brooke grew up exploring the woodlands, valley farms, and salty shores of the Pacific Northwest where she first became aware of the mysterious sentience she feels in wild spaces. She spent years working in marine conservation adoring the orcas and spiny lumpsuckers of the Salish Sea, until her attention shifted to life on land. She attended Alderleaf Wilderness College where she earned a Level III Track & Sign Certification, a Permaculture Design Certificate, became a Wilderness First Responder, and coordinated the yearlong Advanced Wilderness Skills Program. Brooke recently attended the Nature Connected Coaching program at Earth Based Institute, and apprenticed at The Immersion at Wilderness Awareness School where she learned to listen harder. She now serves as Admissions Coordinator for The Immersion where she’s able to connect with current and prospective students across the globe.

Most of all she loves wandering the wilds with people who marvel at the same things she does – animal tracks, native plants, bird calls – and sharing curiosity about all we find.

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