We are pleased to offer a variety of student housing opportunities on our campus outside of Duvall, WA. Additionally, our Immersion Admissions Coordinator assists incoming students to find housing that is a good fit based on needs, utilizing our network of graduates in the local community.

On-Campus Student Housing

We have housing for 15 students on campus, in both shared and single rooms. We also have one spot available for folks who have a trailer with hook-ups. The only students permitted to live on our land are those residing in these rental units. Students may not live in tents or shelters on our land. Pets are not allowed at our on-campus housing.

Raven House accommodates eight renters
Crow Cabin accommodates three renters
The Cedar Lodge Loft accommodates four renters

Other Housing Options

Often, students team up to rent a house together, splitting rent and utilities. There are many 3-4 bedroom houses of various sizes for rent. For those wishing to live alone, there are a few one-bedroom apartments to be found. Typical rents in the area are $600-1200 per month. Many students find rooms in an established household, where you can find lower rents.

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