Bobbe Branch

Bobbe Branch

Founding Elder

Bobbe Branch began her connection to Wilderness Awareness School when she enrolled her son in the first Community School in 1996, after sending him on one of our Teen Expeditions to Mt. Rainier. She has been a supporter of our Core Values and Programs since those beginning days. “Our family’s life was enriched by our connection to the school immediately. Now the next generation is continuing this legacy of learning about nature: One grandson is enrolled in Youth School and the other will be in Roots and Wings, as he turns four very soon.” Bobbe was one of the first to organize dinners and auctions to bring more funds to support our programs. She was a member of the Board of Trustees for many years, and then was asked to join the Elders Council, where she continues to volunteer, enjoying the many times when she is asked to listen to the children’s stories and explore the land with them.

Bobbe has attended the Art of Mentoring, Coyote Mentoring and workshops with Jake Swamp and Gilbert Walking Bull, and also has been involved in the Inipi Society. Her background includes being a Certified Montessori Teacher, singer/songwriter, and, over the last ten years, a Life Coach and Facilitator. Bobbe office door is always open to talk with students and staff. ” It is a gift to connect with the natural world around us, wherever we are, and I want to assist however I can to help make this possible now and for the future generations.”

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