Chuck Newquist

Chuck Newquist


Chuck Newquist has been involved with Wilderness Awareness School since the mid 1990s, as a parent, student, volunteer and board member. His son Erik graduated from our Community School program in 2001, and Chuck was deeply inspired by seeing Erik appreciate and benefit from his Wilderness Awareness School experience. Chuck works as an engineer at Boeing, as a member of their Technical Fellowship program.

Chuck has a PhD in Ceramic Engineering from the University of Washington and has been an adjunct professor for Central Washington University. He is currently developing Sunbreak Solar, a small business dedicated to making renewable energy a part of everyday life.

As a boy, Chuck spent summers exploring the forests around Mount Baker, where his father worked the summer months for the Forest Service. Chuck believes that all children and adults need time in nature, and supports the Wilderness Awareness School mission of fostering connections with the natural world.

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