Bird Feathers: Guide to North American Species


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“A field guide with the ability to draw you deeper into the subject rather than dead end with a common name and latin binomial is a treasure…”–David Moskowitz, author of Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest

Bird Feathers: A Guide to North American Species teaches birders to use the characteristics of wing types and feather morphology to identify feathers – not only by species but also by their place on the bird’s body. The introductory chapters give a detailed overview of the feather – how feathers developed, the parts of a single feather, and the variety of types of feathers on a bird. In the feather identification section, more than 400 color photographs show feather samples from 379 bird species from all over North America. Along with the wing type of the species and a map showing its range, several types of feathers are included for each bird; each feather is labeled with its type and its size.

About the Authors

S. David Scott has been involved in environmental education since 2003, with a focus to help his students reconnect with the natural world through wildlife tracking, increased sensory awareness, wilderness survival skills and the development of a strong sense of place. Dave has instructed at Wilderness Awareness School and now runs EarthNative Wilderness School in Austin, TX. To find out more about classes, or to schedule a custom course visit

Casey McFarland was an instructor at The Immersion at Wilderness Awareness School for several years. He currently trains and certifies biologists, research teams and the general public across the country through the CyberTracker Conservation evaluation system. Casey also contributes to wildlife connectivity research, providing consultation, training and field methodology design to help researchers and monitoring teams assess and improve fragmented landscapes for wildlife permeability. He can be contacted at: