Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditating in Nature


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Nature, the original mindfulness teacher…

Amidst the stress and distraction of the digital age, it’s easy to overlook the fact that our brains are adapted to thrive in close connection with the earth, our senses keenly attuned to nature’s subtle signals. Meditating outdoors soothes the psyche, nourishes the body, and elevates creativity to new heights.

Meditation on nature’s patterns reawakens our deepest instinctive power and brightens our curiosity, as we journey into realizing our interdependence and connection with the larger web of life. Today, it’s time for a reboot and to once again invite the wisdom of the wild into our daily lives.

Through entertaining stories and over 36 engaging practices, expert outdoors mentor Josh Lane shares a pathway to exploring your own relationship with nature for greater well-being and daily inspiration.

Drawing upon lessons from his ten-year apprenticeship in the ancient art of wildlife tracking, combined with insights gleaned from the latest research in brain-based learning and neuroscience, Josh demonstrates step-by-step how to develop your own complete practice of outdoor meditation, so that you can experience a richly rewarding personal connection with the world of Nature.

Journey with Josh on- and off-trail through the thickets and vistas of the inner and outer landscapes in this fun and highly practical guide to meditating in Nature.

About the Author

Josh has mentored and trained people of all ages around the world for the past twenty years in the inner and outer arts of mindful, whole-being connection with Nature.

Bringing forward a depth of experience from his journeys in the realms of ancient Earth connection skills, Qi Gong, and meditation, Josh’s vision is to help bridge the healing power of Nature into the modern experience, enlivening creativity and well-being through a conscious, primal connection with the Earth.

A graduate of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program, Josh has worked closely with Jon Young and the larger 8 Shields community for over fifteen years, applying the Shikari Tracker Training framework and 8 Shields Mentoring Map to support wilderness schools and individuals in exploring the outdoors.

Josh is frequently seen practicing Tai Chi Ch’uan or playing various random stringed instruments, sleuthing forest mysteries, and generally mucking about on a little-known fringe planet called Earth, located somewhere in the western spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. You can learn more about his adventures at