FireMastery Video Course

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FireMastery is a video course designed to give you the tools and knowledge to master the art of making fire. The 5-part series will give you the skills and confidence to make fire under any weather condition.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the training:

  • 17 proven fire-making methods – learn only a few of these and you’ll be confidently making fire in minutes
  • How to use “trash” to make fire in an emergency – you can find these items almost anywhere
  • The near foolproof survival gear that will make fire even if it gets completely soaked
  • How to use household items to create highly flammable, waterproof tinder
  • You need lighter fluid or an expensive firestarter to make a fire, right? Absolutely not. I’ll show you my favorite natural tinder, non-traditional fire starters, and common manmade items that burn like crazy!
  • How to safely build a fire even in desert conditions
  • How to make fire from scratch – when you have nothing, you can still make fire using these ancient methods
  • How to find the one natural tinder that will burn insanely hot, is fully waterproof, and can be found anywhere there are coniferous trees.
  • The absolute fastest way to make fire in an emergency – when the chips are down you need to know this tactic
  • How to make your fire disappear, especially if you need to keep a low profile
  • What to do if you’re a complete beginner when it comes to making fire

Course Details

This 5-part course is delivered in a digital format. After your purchase, you will receive a link to download all of the video files to store on your device. That means you will have instant access to the course and, once the files are downloaded, you won’t need an internet connection to watch the course. There are over 4 hours of high-quality videos in FireMastery!

Course Instructor
dan corcoran author

Dan Corcoran has been practicing and teaching wilderness survival and bushcraft for over 15 years. He has guided over 30 survival trips ranging from 2-10 days in length. He is an avid outdoorsman, hunter, Wilderness First Responder, and member of Search and Rescue. Dan has taught survival to hundreds of students in person and online.

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