Ignite – Firemaking eBook



Knowing how to confidently make fire is one of the first steps to being self-sufficient. Here are a few advantages of having a fire in a survival situation:

  • Warm your core body temperature
  • Kill harmful organisms to make tainted water drinkable
  • Cook food to make it easier to digest
  • Signal for rescue
  • Create light
  • Dry wet clothes
  • Keep insects and wild animals away
  • Make hunting tools and containers
  • Most importantly, fire transforms your attitude.

Product Details

This eBook will give you the foundation necessary to understand over 20 different methods of starting a fire! This eBook contains dozens of high-quality photographs as well as over 80 pages of content. At the end of each chapter, there is a set of exercises that will help you transform information into action. Think of this as more of a workbook.

NOTE: This is not a physical book. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a one-time link to download the guide – in pdf form – to be stored on your device. This can be read on any computer, tablet, or smartphone that has Adobe Reader installed.

About the Author

Dan Corcoran Program DirectorDan Corcoran is Wilderness Awareness School’s Program Director and most senior survival instructor. He has been teaching with the school for over 12 years. Dan is a hunter, Wilderness First Responder, woodsman, and member of a local Search and Rescue group.