Mammal Tracks & Sign: A Guide to North American Species


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The most comprehensive reference guide to mammal tracks and sign for North America. This new edition is more visual, with more than 1300 photos and 450 illustrations for easy comparison and identification of similar sign. Each species account includes information on tracks and trails, scat and urine, nests and lodges, as well as sign on the ground, in trees and shrubs, on fungi and on plants.

How to find, identify, measure, and interpret the clues mammals leave behind–explained and illustrated like never before. Includes essays that contextualize tracking as a developing science continually garnering more interest and participation; included also are instructive anecdotes from the author’s work as a tracker and wildlife expert. An invaluable resource for beginning or professional trackers and wildlife enthusiasts in all North American locations. Winner of the 2019 National Outdoor Book Award for Outdoor Classic Books.

About the Authors

Dr. Mark Elbroch is a recognized expert on wildlife tracking. A Master Tracker certified by CyberTracker Conservation, he is Director of the Puma Program for Panthera. Mark’s work with mountain lions has been featured on BBC and in National Geographic, Scientific American, and the New York Times. He has authored and coauthored ten books on wildlife tracking and natural history and has won the National Outdoor Book Award for his field guides, including the first edition of Mammal Tracks & Sign. He is a regular contributor to National Geographic’s News Blog and a regular guest on NPR. He lives on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Mark is a Kamana Naturalist Training Program graduate and is a guest instructor for the Tracking Intensive.

Casey McFarland is a Senior Tracker certified by CyberTracker Conservation and a Senior CyberTracker Evaluator. He works internationally to train and certify biologists, research teams, and the public and runs courses on track and sign identification throughout the world. His is coauthor of Bird Feathers (Stackpole, 2010) and Peterson Field Guide to North American Bird Nests (still to be released). He lives in Cedar Crest, New Mexico. Casey is a former The Immersion at Wilderness Awareness School instructor and a current Evaluator for the Tracking Intensive.