Mushroom Identification Kit


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This easy-to-use Mushroom Identification Kit is a fantastic way to use your power of observation to learn about fungi. This valuable naturalist resource walks you through a discovery of key mushroom characteristics, including habitat observations, growth traits, spore color, and morphology. It’s an excellent way for beginners to familiarize themselves with fungi and for more advanced observers to document their findings. This kit can be used by anyone curious about fungi anywhere in the world.

This kit includes:

  • One Mushroom Identification Guide: This double-sided guide is laminated and illustrated for you to take it along in the field as you examine different species and study their characteristics.
  • 50 Mushroom Identification Checklists: Using this along with your Mushroom Identification Guide, you’ll be able to establish many different characteristics of a species, which will play an important role in identification. 
  • 50 Spore Print Templates: On the back of each checklist is a place to obtain a spore print for each species you are working to identify. Spore prints are a fascinating (and often beautiful) mark left behind by many mushroom species, as well as a powerful identification tool. These templates are designed to capture both light and dark-spored species. 

This kit was developed and created by Wilderness Awareness School’s Marketing Director, Leah Carlson, and was illustrated by Youth Program Instructor Hannah Libby.