Peterson Field Guide to North American Bird Nests


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A comprehensive field guide to the nests and nesting behavior of North American birds

Beyond being a simple reference book, the Peterson Field Guide to North American Bird Nests is a practical, educational, and intimate doorway to our continent’s bird life. The diversity of nests and nesting strategies of birds reflect the unique biology and evolution of these charismatic animals. Unlike any other book currently on the market, this guide comprehensively incorporates nest design, breeding behavior, and habitat preferences of North American birds to provide the reader with a highly functional field resource and an engaging perspective of this sensitive part of a bird’s life cycle.

About the Authors

CASEY MCFARLAND was an instructor at The Immersion at Wilderness Awareness School for several years. He currently trains and certifies biologists, research teams and the general public across the country through the CyberTracker Conservation evaluation system. Casey also contributes to wildlife connectivity research, providing consultation, training and field methodology design to help researchers and monitoring teams assess and improve fragmented landscapes for wildlife permeability. He is a coauthor of the revision of Mammal Tracks and Sign: A Guide to North American Species and Bird Feathers: A Guide to North American Species. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

MATTHEW MONJELLO is a naturalist, birder, and Registered Maine Guide, as well as a graduate of The Immersion at Wilderness Awareness School and The Immersion Leadership Program at Wilderness Awareness School. His extensive experience in the outdoors, as both an educator and working on various wildlife-related projects, has enabled him to share his love for the natural world with a variety of organizations and state agencies. As an educator and guide, Matt’s focus is to further strengthen the relationship between people and nature through birding, wilderness trips, wildlife tracking, and naturalist studies. He lives in Hope, Maine.

DAVID MOSKOWITZ was for many years the lead instructor for wildlife tracking programs at Wilderness Awareness School. As a professional wildlife tracker, photographer, and outdoor educator, he has been studying wildlife and tracking in the Pacific Northwest since 1995. He is the photographer and author of numerous other books and articles on conservation, wildlife tracking, and natural history including Caribou Rainforest, Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest and Wolves in the Land of Salmon. David is certified as a Track and Sign Specialist, Trailing Specialist, and Senior Tracker through Cybertracker Conservation and is an Evaluator for this rigorous international professional certification program for wildlife tracking. He lives in Winthrop, Washington.