No Nose


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When a forest dwelling nose smells the forest laughing at him, he begins a cycle of saying “NO” and only “NO” over and over and over again. Thus the adventure begins!

Inspired by his nature mentoring time with a group of his students (self-named “The Orange Bobcats”), Author Anthony Andreasik (aka T-Bone) transforms another one of his oral stories into a children’s book! Anthony’s storytelling is accompanied by Denver Artist Pat Mckinney who brings No Nose to life in over 30 beautiful illustrations. Originally told for a 2-8 year old audience, the book aims to delight all ages with its imaginative playfulness.

Anthony uses storytelling to help nourish the connection between humans and nature. He also consciously chooses and honors trees as holders of his stories and so this book is printed locally (in Seattle) on 100% recycled paper with soy based inks. The book is manifestation of the help and support of nature, family, friends, and community.

Support Anthony, his vision, and the Wilderness Awareness School by buying your copy today! And don’t forget to check out his first book, Margaret’s Planet!