Wilderness Awareness for Kids



The complete kids’ nature connection series by Bob Repoley and Barbara English, updated slightly for the new millennium. Books One, Two, and Three are a series of themed nature stories following Cedar and Rowan as they explore the natural world and get to know their wild neighbors. The Young Naturalist is an ecologically-focused activity guide featuring the same characters.

BOOK ONE: SENSORY AWARENESS explores some of Wilderness Awareness School’s favorite nature connection routines, used in programs of all ages: Sit Spot, Owl Eyes, Deer Ears, Raccoon Touch, and Dog Nose. Each story follows Cedar and Rowan as they get to know their woodland home using different senses, followed by an activity page to help readers practice these sensory awareness skills at home. 5 stories, 100 pages, 42 full color illustrations, 5 black and white illustrations. For ages 6 to 10, or younger with adult assistance.

BOOK TWO: HAZARDS is an exciting and fun look at some of the common hazards in the natural world. It follows Cedar and Rowan on an eventful overnight hike where they encounter getting lost, lightning, wild animal encounters, hypothermia, poisonous plants, insects, and much more. Your child will learn to be aware of hazards, not fearful of them, and how to stay safe in nature, whether an urban park or a remote wilderness. Each story is followed by an activity page to help further engage curiosity and deepen learning. 7 stories, 94 pages, 33 full color illustrations, 7 black and white illustrations. For ages 6 to 10, or younger with adult assistance.

BOOK THREE: GIVING THANKS follows Cedar and Rowan on a thrilling tracking escapade, a quiet wetland wander, a desert trek, and a mountain climbing mishap where they encounter a variety of unusual animals and humans, and find reason to be grateful for the good things in their lives. These stories provide a gentle reminder to children, and to all of us, of the power of gratitude. 5 Stories, 77 pages, 43 black and white illustrations. For ages 8 to 10, or younger with adult assistance.

THE YOUNG NATURALIST is a story-based activity guide designed for young people who want to deepen their relationship with the more-than-human world. Each chapter begins with a tale of Cedar, Rowan, and friends on ecologically-themed adventures relating to mapping, water, plants, mammals, tracking, trees, birds, or weather, followed by an activity trail with three challenge levels: Basic Bobcats, Mid Merlins, and Old Oaks. The questions, activity suggestions, and reflective prompts are designed to spark curiosity, awareness, creative thinking, and compassion in the next generation of naturalists. The Young Naturalist has 170 Pages, 10 Chapters, and 57 Black and white illustrations. Recommended for children ages 8 to 12.

Each book may be enjoyed on its own or as a complete set of four. Physical books are spiralbound workbooks; digital books are pdf copies of the same, delivered as one-time links to download and print and/or store on your device.