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Coyote Mentoring: Apr 3-5 - Cancelled

18 99 Linne Doran: Duvall, WA 305.00 305.00 Camping encouraged Fri & Sat; Food provided s
April 3 - 5th, 2020

Please Note: Due to the COVID-19, all programs are cancelled between March 13th and April 10th.

The Coyote Mentoring Weekend is a fantastic introduction to the basic principles of our nature-based educational approach. It is designed for educators, parents, and anyone interested in significantly expanding their teaching repertoire and mentoring skills. This course provides the foundational tools for crafting powerful learning experiences and deep connections with the natural world for your students, family, employees, or even yourself. We invite you to join us as we re-discover the sense of wonder for nature's mysteries that all children share.

What's Covered?

Through a combination of lecture, storytelling, discussions, group activities, and peer teaching sessions you will learn:

  • The importance of heightened awareness in students, and how it relates to critical thinking and problem solving.
  • How to use symbols and metaphors to create a powerful educational environment.
  • The role of brain patterning, and the natural flow of the human learning process.
  • How stories, song and other artistic expressions open a doorway to authentic student growth.
  • Essential routines found throughout the world that ground students in their senses and expand awareness.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of taking this course, participants will:

  • Experience for themselves how powerful the “cultural context” is in education.
  • Take home powerful images and metaphors to cultivate a supportive learning environment in their classrooms.
  • Acquire concepts to facilitate the development of their students' full potentials.
  • Learn how to use stories and storytelling as an educational tool.
  • Understand the primary teaching styles of the Coyote Mentoring approach and how to appropriately utilize them when working with students.

For Educators

Many educators are overwhelmed with large class sizes and increasing lists of information that must be covered. Frustrations abound from not being able to devote the attention or energy to the holistic development of their students. This leaves students less open to receiving information and less engaged with the learning process. Coyote Mentoring is a distinctive and highly effective educational approach developed by Jon Young and Wilderness Awareness School over the past 25 years that uses children's innate enthusiasm for the natural world as a context to actively engage them in the learning process. This approach develops the capacities of students for learning, problem solving, and full expression, and re-awakens their natural sense of wonder. While the Coyote Mentoring approach is appropriate for all educators, it is especially helpful for teachers and outdoor educators with a large amount of student contact time.

Program Logistics

Class will take place at our school's 40-acre property from 5pm on Friday to 4pm on Sunday. Food and camping are included in this overnight program. Participants are encouraged to camp on the land as there will be evening activities on Friday and Saturday.


The coyote mentoring program is a experience I will never forget, from the songs and the games to the community building skills, connection back with nature, and all the laughter! It helped bring out my inner child again and helped me grow within my self so much. All of these things over a short weekend were beyond powerful and exceeded my expectations!Jenny Rizzuti, nature school instructor

This program reminded me how to be joyful, and how important it is to sing, laugh and play with others in nature. I’m heading home with a renewed connection with nature and myself. I also have a much clearer understanding of how to structure a nature education program, as well as a new repertoire of games, songs and activities! - Jess B., parent

Connecting to self and nature as a practice with an intentional process is key in holistic health and education. This program is the closest I've experienced to connection with this Source. There will be aspects of this program that I will utilize as a teacher, mom, and human. I am so grateful for this experience for myself and the next generations. - Sam, program participant