Omer Gil

Omer Gil

Youth Programs Instructor
Programs: Coyotes, Community School, Monthlies
Pronouns: He/Him

Born and raised in Israel, travel and hiking were intrinsic and meaningful parts of Omer’s childhood. Growing up, Omer felt a deep calling for education in nature, which ultimately led him to join the Israeli Scouts during his early years. This was his first introduction to wilderness and survival skills that would forever change his life.

Omer pursued his passion for teaching by studying at the University of Tel-Aviv, where he learned and honed the skills necessary to impart knowledge effectively. In the fall of 2020, Omer joined the Wilderness Awareness School, where he found himself rekindling that very love and passion for wilderness and survival skills. He embraced teaching through a strong connection to nature, fostering curiosity, active listening, empathy, and a growth mindset. Since then, Omer has graduated from two years in the Youth Nature Instructor Training program and one year in The Immersion.

Omer’s passion is to ignite curiosity and excitement for nature in both kids and adults. He loves to dance, drum and is enthusiastic about all things related to survival skills.

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