Phoebe Reid

Phoebe Reid

Immersion Core Instructor
Pronouns: She/Her

Growing up on the Olympic Peninsula to a family steeped in adventure, Phoebe found a sense of home amidst thimbleberries, salmon bones, wild rivers, and the smell of seaweed. She grew up sailing, camping, fishing, kayaking, and exploring, but it wasn’t until she first witnessed a hand drill fire at age 14 that her curiosity about nature connection was piqued.

Phoebe attended the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) at age 16 and got her first Wilderness First Responder certification at age 17, which she’s held ever since. After spending two years finishing high school in Southern Africa, she went on to work as a backpacking guide for multiple organizations in Washington, Montana, and Alaska with humans of all ages. She graduated from the University of Washington with an honors degree in Environmental Studies and after several years of wandering (including working for a tech giant, becoming a life coach, traveling overseas, and living in Los Angeles) she reunited with a deep sense of belonging in the Pacific Northwest and attended The Immersion at Wilderness Awareness School.

It was at WAS that Phoebe discovered her love of crafting, archery, plants, wildlife tracking, friction fire, and being covered in mud. She graduated from The Immersion in 2021 and from the Adult Nature Instructor Training Program in 2022.

Poetry, song, community, and rites of passage have been common threads that Phoebe continues to follow into the wild unknowns of being a human. She also loves horses with unbridled passion, has a cat named Colonel Oliver Longfox Marten, tends between 2-50 rabbits at any given time, and is a huge plant nerd.

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