Survival Skills

Ages 10 to 13

Carnation Farms

Includes T-shirt

7/22 – 7/26, 2024
7/29 – 8/2, 2024
Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm

Survival Skills provided the perfect amount of structure while giving campers opportunities to truly play, problem-solve, and learn skills in a fun, collaborative way. Our middle schooler left more confident, empowered, and independent — he can now make fire on his own for goodness sakes! We’ve attended lots of camps with three kids in the family…Wilderness Awareness camps are always the favorite.”

– Mother of Liam, age 12

“Aria had a wonderful time during the Survival Skills Day Camp and plans on returning next year. She wants to do all the camps Wilderness Awareness School has to offer.”

– Mother of 11 year old daughter

“My 11 year old LOVED this camp. Every day he was eager to tell me about what he saw, the games he played and the new skill he learned. Usually I have to ask, but he just launched into telling me! He also wanted to take me to the cool places he went in the park!”

– Dhira B., Mother of Aedan, age 11

Your child will learn real-life survival skills, in fun and exciting ways! They’ll learn to make fire with and without matches, and how to tend a fire safely. We’ll teach knife safety, how to identify and harvest wild edible plants, and delicious campfire cooking techniques. Campers will build shelters and create fun and practical items like baskets, tools, or rope.

Recognized by ParentMap as the best nature camp!

Campers will enjoy:

  • Making fire with matches and ferro rods
  • Safe and effective fire-tending techniques
  • Building and finding primitive shelters
  • Identifying and harvesting wild edible plants
  • Making baskets, tools, or rope
  • Exploring off-trail
  • Safely using knives as tools
  • Catching frogs and snakes
  • Having fun with new friends!

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Our instructional team features:

  • A 1:9 staff-student ratio
  • On-site director and volunteers who offer additional instructor support
  • Staff trained as Coyote Mentors, a widely-respected educational philosophy developed at the Wilderness Awareness School
  • Compassionate educators who encourage each child’s respect for self, others, and nature
  • Experienced Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified professionals

This camp meets on the property of Carnation Farms, an 818-acre organic farm with expansive, beautiful wild woods, elk, and access to the Snoqualmie River. Find out more about Carnation Farms here.

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