Coming Alive

Gwen at summer camp

How do you express the beautiful impact this school has on a child and our families? It’s hard to express in words. Our journey all began a while back when I went through 2 years of Community School (our teen once-a-week program). This program forever changed my life and left a lasting impression on me. When my daughter was born I couldn’t wait for her to be a part of this magical school. However, juggling two kids and one income has been difficult for us and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get my precious girl into this amazing school. But I applied for a scholarship and was so overjoyed to receive financial help and get her into Roots and Wings (our once-a-week program for 4 to 6-year-olds).

So, now her story begins. Last fall my daughter went into Roots and Wings afraid of the woods and “all the scary animals out there”. What she came away with was astonishing. Confidence, for one. But more than that, respect and love for nature that I cannot express with words. Every week you could see the growth in her swelling, her confidence building, and her love of nature intensifying. I so cherish all the little ways this program has given her clarity in her life. She has come away talking about families and their “village”, helping her friends find more appropriate length sticks to play with, teaching her friends to build fairy houses, munching on Dandelion leaves, noticing the birds and all their different colors and sounds, curiosity galore, and most importantly just a joyful love and connection to nature. My favorite thing is seeing how her love and curiosity for the wild woods has translated to her little brother and her friends. When we go to the park now we’re not just playing on the playground, we’re down in the dirt questioning all the little creatures and plants and why they’re here and what they live for. On top of all this, being a part of this program has connected me to a lifelong friend. It has reached so far as to help me grow and reconnect with myself, nature and my community. That is a blessing that is indescribable. I could never possibly express with words all the beautiful and wonderful ways this program has brought so much into our lives but if I had to sum it up, I’d say this program has helped us all to come ALIVE.

A big and glorious THANK YOU to all the amazing people who have donated and given my daughter the opportunity to blossom into this beautiful human being. Our lives would not be the same without your support.

Wilderness Awareness School