Morgan backpacking

Finding Home

The first rays of light glow through the trees; ferns and vine maples dripping with the memory of rain from the night. Silence gives way to birdsong, joyous, and free, a celebration that the light again returned. Part of me wants to sing with them, to celebrate as they do. The tree frogs’ croak quieted […]

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Bobcat Track and Sign

“Got the trail?” I called. “Yup!” another voice rang out, clear in the white stillness of a snowy forest above a stream ravine. It was a chilly Friday morning at Wilderness Awareness School’s high school program, Community School. Four of us—two instructors and two young women—had fallen into a rhythm as we followed the deteriorating […]

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Gwen at summer camp

Coming Alive

How do you express the beautiful impact this school has on a child and our families? It’s hard to express in words. Our journey all began a while back when I went through 2 years of Community School (our teen once-a-week program). This program forever changed my life and left a lasting impression on me. […]

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The Barefoot Boy

“Community school is the place where we can be ourselves — without the masks we wear in our everyday lives,” my son Webster said in his student address at the recent Wilderness Awareness School Community School auction. But how does one come to know one’s self? I believe that, for Webster, it has come from consistent […]

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Wilderness Awareness School