Core Routine: Sit Spot

sit spot

Going to your sit spot is one of the core routines that we teach at Wilderness Awareness School. It’s a simple, powerful experience that enables you to be more present and connected in your day-to-day life. It can be really fun to have permission to simply sit, observe, and be present. It doesn’t take much of your time, but it can have a profound impact.

What is a sit spot?

In its most basic form, a sit spot is a single place in nature that you visit on a regular basis. Sit spots can be pristine and wild, but they can also be in the suburbs or the heart of a city.

There are three essential factors to consider when choosing your sit spot. First, you should feel safe in this place. Second, there should be at least some components of nature present, make sure that you are least outdoors. Finally, the convenience of your spot is critical. The closer your sit spot is to your home, the more likely you’ll visit it regularly. It should be less than a five-minute walk from your front door.

If you are having trouble picking a spot, that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always change it later. The most important thing is that you go there.

What do you do in your sit spot?

Spend anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour at your sit spot. Get familiar with who and what you share this place with. Orient yourself with which direction you’re facing and know where it is on a map. See if you notice what seems to be drawing your curiosity the most and if you’re observing any patterns.

After your first few days, take it further and get connected with your senses. Close your eyes and see what you can feel with your sense of touch. What can you hear nearest to you, and which sounds are the farthest away? Use what we call your “Owl Eyes” by focusing your vision on a central point, and noticing what you can pick up with your peripheral vision. Can you see motion better? Use your senses of smell and taste and see if you can smell the weather or taste the air.

Now that you’ve connected with your senses, see if you can pick out a few things that you’ve never actually noticed before. Seek out a new plant, animal, or fungi that you aren’t familiar with and use your senses to learn about this new friend. Note as many details as you can and see what questions you have.

Now you have the basic components of finding and getting acquainted with your sit spot. We hope that with this knowledge, you’re able to go out and find your own place to sit and begin practicing these routines. Join our Facebook Challenge Group to stay current on any Sit Spot Challenges or Global Sit Days that we’re running. Enjoy your time connecting with nature!

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