Coyote Mentors

For the majority of human history, children have played using their imagination and curiosity. In all that time—without television, video games, or mass-manufactured toys—kids spent most of their free time exploring natural surroundings. Nature was home.  As with most nature camps, the curriculum at Wilderness Awareness School involves a lot of play, bugs, songs, and […]

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The Sunset of Kamana

Wilderness Awareness School is no longer selling the Kamana Naturalist Training Program or the Seeing Through Native Eyes audio series. While 8 Shields is the owner of these products, we have been integral in providing student support and selling this program for over two decades. At this point, we have come to realize that although this […]

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Retiring the Name Anake

We at Wilderness Awareness School are officially retiring the name Anake Outdoor School. As a program that is continuously evolving, this change is being made in order to step into further growth for this beloved experience. Retiring this name is an important part of our continued efforts and commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. […]

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throwing cattails to the wind

Overcoming ‘Stuck’

“I had become stuck, and now that I’m taking part in The Immersion, so much gunk has been removed.” – Sam, a 2019 Immersion Student We talk with many folks who turn to The Immersion at Wilderness Awareness School for a big transformation in life. These are individuals who are prepared to bravely show up […]

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bird forages on winter berries

Welcome to Winter

I hated Winter. Growing up in Minnesota, where they scoff at snow days and the windchill freezes the inside of your nostrils, I couldn’t wait to move to a warmer climate. At the age of 20, I left my mittens behind and headed for Southern California, spending a few years amongst the palm trees. But […]

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sit spot

Core Routine: Sit Spot

Going to your sit spot is one of the core routines that we teach at Wilderness Awareness School. It’s a simple, powerful experience that enables you to be more present and connected in your day-to-day life. It can be really fun to have permission to simply sit, observe, and be present. It doesn’t take much […]

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