Overcoming ‘Stuck’

throwing cattails to the wind

“I had become stuck, and now that I’m taking part in The Immersion, so much gunk has been removed.”

– Sam, a 2019 Immersion Student

We talk with many folks who turn to The Immersion at Wilderness Awareness School for a big transformation in life. These are individuals who are prepared to bravely show up for themselves on Day 1 of class in the fall, and graduate in the spring with new resilience to lead an empowered life.

But, there are often obstacles in the way.

Are you someone who wants to embark on The Immersion journey but are facing an obstacle? Let’s take a look at some common barriers.


We know that program tuition isn’t easy for everyone. We also know that determination and creativity are powerful tools. So, what can you do?

Request a scholarship when applying for the program. Wilderness Awareness School offers scholarships that range from $500 to $3,000. These scholarships are made possible by our supportive donors. They believe in the power that The Immersion brings to students and the future of nature connection.

You can also make use of our payment plan options. Many students pay their tuition in quarterly or monthly installments, allowing them to work part-time while partaking in the program.


We know that picking up your life and moving to the great Northwest isn’t easy for everyone. But, have you seen how majestic our forests are? That being said, we have to admit that the cost of living in the greater Seattle area is higher than what we’d like to see. 

Many of our Immersion students decide to find room and board in shared housing amongst each other, creating even closer bonds with their classmates. We also have a supportive community of elders and alumni who often have rooms for rent. Additionally, we see other students get creative, stepping into “van life” or cozying into a nearby yurt or tiny house.

Life Sabbatical

Is it difficult to imagine leaving your job or moving away from your family? We get it. 

Taking a career break doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, graduates of The Immersion have improved communication skills, more balanced emotions, and find themselves to be better centered under stress. These are all highly desirable qualifications for a future employer. Click here to see the variety of careers that our alumni find themselves in after graduating.

We also know that being away from family can be hard, and sometimes a postcard just isn’t enough. There are several long breaks throughout the program where students can travel back to visit family and show off their newfound skills.

On a trip to Eastern Washington, the Frog Clan observes a Great Horned Owl during sunset.

So, don’t settle for stuck. Show up for yourself and get ready to shake that gunk loose! Are you ready to look beyond the limitations and learn what The Immersion can do for you? Click here to learn more, or email our Immersion Admissions Coordinator at [email protected] to schedule a call today!

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