Anthony “T-Bone” Andreasik

Anthony “T-Bone” Andreasik

Youth Programs Instructor
Foxes, Village
Pronouns: Open to any

Anthony, nicknamed “T-Bone” by his beloved Immersion classmates, traces his nature connection roots to growing up in the Chicago suburbs where he had the freedom to wander the neighborhood, which included ponds, sparsely forested areas, and cornfields. He caught frogs, salamanders, and turtles. He remembers when he and his friend saved a giant snapping turtle from a window well and guided it back to the nearby pond.

T-Bone completed 4 years of military service and afterward used his G.I. bill to come to the Wilderness Awareness School. Since then he has been part of Wilderness Awareness School through The Immersion, the Nature Instructor Training program, volunteering, and working programs including Monthlies and Summer Camps. He has filled his last 11 years in WA with four years of living on Hawthorn Farm, practicing Taiji at the Taoist Studies Institute, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, continuing education at Bellevue College, and mentoring both privately and in programs.  

T-Bone loves gardening, practicing Taiji, connecting with trees, petting bumble bees, singing, being with friends of all ages and kinds, and storytelling.  He has self-published two children’s books: Margaret’s Planet and No Nose.

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