School Year Youth Programs

Through nature connection and mentoring, our youth programs provide transformational experiences that awaken a child’s unique gifts, enhance their relationship with nature, and empower an enriched community.

School Year Youth Programs are the best way to form a lasting bond with nature, spark curiosity, foster friendships, and have rewarding relationships with experienced mentors. Whether it’s weekly or monthly programs, these experiential class days increase resilience and leave lasting memories.

Nature-Based Curriculum

Our curriculum flows with the natural cycles of the year and includes both conceptual knowledge of ecology as well as practical skills for living with the earth. Throughout the year, your child will get to explore and engage with place-based topics like:

Wildlife and Tracking
Discovering which creatures are around and the story they’re leaving on the landscape based on the track and sign they leave behind
Edible, Medicinal, and Poisonous Plant Identification
Learning to identify a plant using sketches, field marks, and field guides, and which ones have poisonous look-alikes in our area
Ecology and Natural Communities
Understanding the cycles and relationships that make up the rhythm of the natural world and what we can learn from them
Survival and Trees
Selecting and utilizing trees for shelter, food, tools, and fire, as well as understanding the fundamental roles they play within their ecosystem
Birds and Bird Language
Learning how to listen to the way that birds are communicating crucial messages that keep us safe from predators and locate animals that pass nearby
Hazards and Wilderness Basics
Being aware of hazards that could be harmful to us and others, and learning first aid tactics

Monthly Programs

Nature Explorer

Ages 4-6 | Kenmore & Issaquah | Saturdays

Through creative play and exploration, little nature lovers work together in small groups, gaining nature awareness and knowledge of plants, mammals, birds, tracking, and survival. Our instructors guide students into experiences that nurture their connection to the earth and allow them to feel at home in the natural world.

“I love witnessing the amount of confidence and comfort that my child shows in the outdoors. He values the wonder of nature and takes great pride in his adventures and accomplishments!”

 Parent of a 6-year-old

Nature Explorer

Nature Adventure

Ages 6-13 | Seattle, Kenmore, Issaquah & Carnation | Fridays or Saturdays

Who knew learning about nature could be so fun? Nature Adventure provides fun, hands-on opportunities for kids to get outside and learn about flora and fauna while building social and emotional skills in community. Experienced mentors adapt the program each month to match the energy and desires of the group while exploring topics around wildlife, plant, and ecology through games, stories, and songs.

“I loved this program for my kids! My children found challenges, and they grew from those challenges due to the care and support they received from their instructors, who encouraged them in their individual journeys. The instructors had a delightful amount of play in their spirit and awe for the outdoors.”

 Mother of two 8-year-olds

Nature Skills

Ages 10-13 | Kenmore & Carnation | Saturdays

Nature Skills builds on what students learn in Nature Adventure while putting an extra emphasis on hands-on skills. Students will learn knife safety and carving, friction fire and fire-tending techniques, animal tracking, navigation, natural crafts (e.g. cordage), and naturalist knowledge in plants, mammals, and birds, and more!

“Our son looks first to his program every month. He adores the staff and his experiences in the woods. We’re so grateful for this program!”

 Mother of Cohen, Nature Skills student

Wild Within

Ages 14-18 | Duvall | Weekend Overnights

Wild Within gives adventurous teens the opportunity to intensely live the core routines of nature awareness, practicing wilderness and community-building skills that invite vitality. Each of the 8 weekends will focus on a different aspect of this learning journey, based on the season, location, and knowledge and interest of the group. Select class weekends will even include exciting expeditions to incredible PNW destinations!

“Wild Within has been my teen’s footing and his foundation in many critical ways. It has also been his joy. The relationships he has forged have been just as meaningful as the incredible outdoor experiences and challenges. The instructors have truly supported him, at a deep level. They encouraged him to find and be himself. He has come to appreciate the break from social media and high school drama and learned hands-on that you can take a break from it all in a healthy way”

 Lynda, mother of Spencer

Weekly Programs

Roots & Wings

Ages 4-6 | Duvall | Fridays

Roots & Wings weekly nature program allows children ages 4 to 6 to have fun and explore the natural world around them. Through sensory-based activities for kids, including songs, stories, games, walks, and plant and animal observation, we plant seeds for children’s growth and connection with nature.

“Spending a day each week in the wilderness, learning about [himself] and nature, getting downright dirty, and forging relationships is the absolute highlight of our son’s week.” 

Diandra L., mother of 5-year-old Eddie

Youth School

Ages 7-13 | Duvall | Wednesdays and/or Thursdays

Youth School opens the portals of curiosity, imagination, and connection for any child with an interest in nature. Through creative play and exploration, kids work together in small groups with a low student-to-instructor ratio. Students gain nature awareness and knowledge of plants, mammals, birds, tracking, and survival.

Our Village program (ages 7-12) meets on Wednesdays, while Foxes (ages 7-9) and Coyotes (ages 10-13) meet on Thursdays.

“My son loves being in Youth School. The open space, supportive instructors, and activities are just what he needs. One of our favorite things is that his mood and vibe matter. He is allowed to be exactly who he is. That is amazing. Thank you.”

Mother of a 10-year-old Village student

Community School

Ages 14-18 | Duvall | Fridays

Community School is a weekly program that helps teens engage their natural intelligence and awaken their innate abilities to perceive and connect with the world around them. Students immerse themselves in intensive, experiential studies of nature from both scientific and traditional perspectives. Experienced mentors engage with teens to create experiences that foster resilience, social connection, confidence, and independence.

“Fridays at Community School was one of the few things my teenager really looked forward to. Spending time in the woods at the end of each week helped him get reset and grounded. He learned hands-on skills and cherished many stories and moments with amazing mentors and cohorts. We are so grateful for this program!”

Mother of a 14-year-old
Wilderness Awareness School